Honoring Those Who Served

Military headstones and American flags. Commemorating and thanking those  who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and country. Memorial Day 2017

I do not know your name –
Nor for which battle you died.
I do not know your home,
Nor the tears that were cried.

I do not know where you rest –
Nor the promise broken.
I do not know your uniform,
And your fears lay unspoken.

But, I know your spirit exists –
That your courage is admired,
And your sacrifice is honored
By each soul that’s inspired.

And I offer you from my heart,
Thank you, to guardians unknown,
For offering yourselves for all of us,
That we may keep freedom…
Our home.

~Sherrie Ball

Image: Military headstones and American flags. “Commemorating and thanking those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and country. Memorial Day 2017

A Lil’ Inspiration #35

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. ~Joseph Campbell

Image: A silhouette of a man against a backdrop of a golden sunset stands atop a hill holding a flag over his head.

An Interview With An On The Move Fashion Icon

Featuring Bold Blind Beauty’s Own Abigail (Abby) B.

Braille image of Abigail with her white cane in her right hand and handbag in her left hand.Happy Friday!! After months of blood, sweat, and tears today, I’m thrilled to finally have a sit down with the one and only Abigail B. If you’re new to the Bold Blind Beauty commUNITY Abigail came on the scene back in the fall of 2015 in a post titled “This Dazzling Dame Needs A Name.”

A lot has happened since the time of Abigail’s inception; she’s empowering blind and VI (vision impaired) women from all over to embrace their beauty and walk in confidence, connecting sighted and non-sighted communities to build awareness of blindness while eliminating stereotypes, last year she opened her online boutique Abigail Style, she graduated law school, became managing partner at a renowned law firm, took a much-needed hiatus during which she traveled the world on numerous adventures, and as a talented singer she even found time to perform in quite a few venues. In the interest of time, you can read more about her adventures in her About but right now let’s dive in and get to know a little more about this dynamic woman.

Thank you, Abigail, for allowing us the opportunity to get to know you a little better before you take on a more significant role here at Bold Blind Beauty. Can you share with us a little about your position within our commUNITY?

Gavel and block embossed with a dollar signPlease, call me Abby and sure, I’d be happy to talk about a few of my responsibilities. Since one of our goals are to change perceptions on how people who are blind are viewed I can think of no better way than walking the talk.

Through sharing some of my personal accomplishments and highlighting the achievements of my blind and VI sisters this will help to shift the conversation from what people think we “can’t do” to place the focus on what we “are doing.” I believe as a society we are making some strides in areas of accessibility and inclusion but where equity is concerned we still have a very long way to go.

In a way, it’s unfortunate that even in 2017 when many people meet a blind or vision impaired person the first comments made are typically about Helen Keller. The truth is yes, Helen Keller was an extraordinary advocate, suffragist, civil rights trailblazer, and political activist who was a voice for many. However, it should be noted that there are many exceptional blind people who are teachers, doctors, lawyers, dancers, astrophysicists, musicians, artists, authors, scientists, runners, cyclists, adventurers and the list goes on and on.

As you may have gathered I have a thing for advocacy and given my experiences working with Bold Blind Beauty will let me tap into my fashion sense. Extending advocacy into beauty and fashion made sense to me because there are still too few resources in this area for blind women.

Other tasks I’m really looking forward to are working directly with this commUNITY by presenting content focused on tips and techniques of style and fashion, with an emphasis on vision impairment style. I’m eager to begin getting to know and building relationships with the commUNITY

After serving in such a pretty significant position at your previous company how will this new post fulfill your drive?

Jet engine and partial wing high above a bed of puffy white clouds.Becoming involved with and growing this commUNITY will provide a different sort of stimulus whereby I can see the technological innovation that will energize and quite frankly be fun for all of us. Using unlimited imagination to design inclusive products and services for blind and VI people will benefit everyone because when we, to the best of our ability, design at the outset from an inclusive perspective no one is excluded.

Take for example my braille picture included with this post and created by Robert Eutz, a friend of mine, a number of artists or designers create their works in various tactile formats so that blind and VI people can experience the beauty of their art. The thing is, these works of art are also appreciated by people with sight so it’s a win-win.

Also, I think it will be a real hoot attending then reporting back my findings from the upcoming 2018 fashion shows in the fashion capitals of the world. I love to travel so this piece will appeal to my globe-trotting nature. Who knows? Perhaps a book or two may be in my future?

Nude heels.What is your must-have item of clothing or accessory?

That’s easy. Shoes, and more specifically heels. Scratch that. There’s two things, heels and a blinged out white cane. With a great pair of shoes, you can go anywhere. I recently saw a Christian Louboutin quote that I may have to adopt as my personal motto. It went something like this:

I would hate for someone to look at my shoes and say, ‘Oh my God! That looks so comfortable!’

The only time you’ll see me in anything other than heels is when I’m hiking, running, cycling, boating or any kind of sporting activity only because it just wouldn’t be practical.

Okay, Abby, I get that you’re a little mysterious but there’s one thing I simply must know. Can you tell us what the B. of your last name represents? 

Hahaha!! If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me that question… Nah, I cannot divulge that information, at least not now. Perhaps down the road, we’ll have to see.

Awe, it was worth a try folks. Abby, thank you for joining us today and we look forward to you sharing your insight from a fashion and beauty viewpoint.

To close out today’s interview I leave you with an upbeat song from Jess Glynne. Enjoy, have a fabulous weekend and when you have a spare moment check out Abigail’s boutique!!


Guest Post: Jennifer O’Neal

7 Reasons Why Morning Exercises are Crucially Important for Your Health

Over the next few weeks, Bold Blind Beauty will be undergoing changes to enhance the site. One of our more recent changes, a Guest Submission Policy, will continue to strive to connect sighted and non-sighted communities while stamping out misconceptions concerning people who are blind or VI (vision impaired). Since accessibility is a crucial component, feedback, especially from screen reader users on featured guest’s links is important. Without further ado here’s Jennifer O’Neal:

Image is of a woman running during a hazy golden sunrise.Generally, exercising on a daily basis is a very good practice. While a lot of people tend to do their fitness routines and exercise workouts in the evening, there are those who find morning exercises more beneficial and much important.

By and large, morning exercises are seen to be more essential than exercise done during other periods of the day. Research and studies show that exercising early in the morning brings more benefits and here are the reasons why:

  1. Burns more fat
    According to research in recent years, morning exercise can burn fat 20% more than exercise done in the evening. The reasoning behind this is when you exercise in the morning on an empty stomach, you burn previously stored fat which can assist you in reaching your target fitness goal faster and more efficiently. You also may want to include equipment such as a stationary bike in your morning exercise routine to burn more fat. Know that exercise bikes help weight loss quickly.
  2. Enhances metabolism
    When you exercise early in the morning, you could actually enhance your metabolism significantly. After your workout, your body replenishes itself from food intake throughout the day. Hence, this process allows your metabolism to work more efficiently. If on the other hand, you do your workout routine later in the day, you lose the opportunity throughout the day for your body to replenish itself.
  3. Increases concentration
    Morning exercises are found to delay the decaying of your brain tissues. Brain tissues are essential for your full focus and concentration. Therefore, when your morning exercises become a habit you can increase your metabolism while also improving your concentration and brain functioning.
  4. You’ll start your day in an awesome mood
    When you do your daily exercises in the morning, you actually increase the production of your endorphins. Endorphins are the main hormones responsible for good, positive, and happy moods.
  5. Increases metabolism
    Metabolism is the process where the food you consume is being decomposed and turned into the energy your body needs to function. The better metabolism you have, the better your body will function all throughout the day. Exercising in the morning can largely help you increase your metabolism. When you finish your workouts in the morning, it boosts your metabolism.
  6. Improves physical and mental energy
    Working out in the morning can be your instant coffee and energy. Any type of movement is considered to be a source of energy which is needed especially if you are required to be fully awake. In addition, it has been found that exercising in the morning can improve focus and mental awareness all day long.
  7. Develops strong self-discipline
    Waking up and exercising in the morning on a daily basis requires self-discipline. Subsequently, making morning exercise a habit enhances your self-discipline.

In conclusion, these are some of the most apparent benefits of working out in the morning. Although only a few could really get up and do their exercises, this kind of habit is largely crucial and beneficial in your overall health and wellness.

Author bio: Jennifer O’Neal is a lifelong cyclist, enjoying the thrill of an outdoor ride as much as the one on her indoor cycling bike. She regularly contributes to allexercisebikes.net, a leading provider of exercise bike reviews and education. In her article, she always mentions how exercise bikes help to weight loss & helps you to stay fit.