Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #17

Keep It Understated & Uncomplicated

Collage containing a picture of me sitting on my barstool with white cane in hand, a picture of the outfit described in the post and a picture of the denim trench coat.I’ve been battling bronchitis for the past couple of weeks. What began as a sore throat morphed into laryngitis which led to bronchitis. As a lifelong asthmatic, let me tell you any additional respiratory issues can make life a wee bit uncomfortable.

When you’re under the weather the last thing you want to be concerned with is what to wear, am I right or am I right? I felt like crap the other day and my preference would have been to remain indoors, I had errands to run. My go-to outfit when I’m not feeling well is simple: jeans or leggings, flats, tee-shirt, and earrings.

In the spirit of full transparency, I’ve been known to forego makeup by hiding behind some chic shades and no matter where I have to go or what I have to do you won’t catch me without earrings. Unless I’m feeling particularly grungy, just doing these minor things can help to make me feel better and appear put together.

Back to what I was saying the other day. Since the weather was so nice I put in a little extra effort by throwing on some makeup, pulling out these cute satin taupe ballet flats accented with a petaled pouf, a tee with long sleeves (shirred at the wrist), my black leggings, and topped it off with my denim trench coat.

I shared the following quote on Facebook this morning and with a couple of minor tweaks, I think it fits nicely with this post.

The Fashion Formula
1 Basic (jeans, skirt, top)
1 Interest Piece (color, pattern, texture, shine)
1 Completer Piece (jacket, cardigan, belt)
Accessories (bag, jewelry, shoes, scarf)

Do you have any tips to share? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Basking In A Little Bliss

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” ~Winston Churchill

Denim trench coat. Description is in the body of the post.

It’s never taken much for me to feel bliss. I mean before I gave up candy a bag of jolly ranchers well, except for the watermelon flavor, would send me over the moon. So when something momentous occurs like the weather beginning a premature transition into spring I feel downright giddy.

Because I’ve set the bar relatively low, sparkly things like sequins and crystals or textures, patterns, and adornments on clothing and shoes will send me into the stratosphere. For example, the tailored short dark blue denim trench coat pictured in the collage has some interesting features which I’ve circled. While I would have noticed pre-sight loss the different elements on this particular garment I appreciate the tactile aspects so much more now since I cannot see well. Contrary to popular belief you don’t need sight to find enjoyment in life. Joy can sometimes be found in the littlest of things.

Image: A slanted zippered breast pocket, notched collar, zipper lined lapels, double breasted zipper closure, 2 front pockets, belted waist, brass-buttoned cuff straps with zipper lining the edge of the cuffs.

Capable, Competent & Crushing It

“You’re not blind, you looked at me;” or “What do you mean you’re blind? Who put your make-up on this morning?” or “What do you mean you’re blind? You have kids.” ~Ashley Nemeth, www.blindmovingon.com

Close up photo of Ashley wearing her makeup.

Unlike the term “a little bit pregnant,” blindness is not like this. In blindness, there isn’t an “is” or “is not.” There is a wide range in the loss of eyesight (it’s not as simple as seeing or not seeing). For those of us who make the decision to get on with life after sight loss, we learn different methods of accomplishing the tasks we used to do. Anything is possible when we choose not to limit ourselves.

Blindness is not black or white. According to VisionAware.org, the estimated percentage of people who are “totally without sight” or no light perception is 15%—the remaining 85% of all individuals with eye disorders have some remaining sight.

Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #16

Wrangling Wicked Wrinkles

iron-6046_1280Over the last few months, I’ve become increasingly better at using Instagram. So good in fact that I was thrilled to learn how to comment on posts and send messages.

While I’m pretty tech savvy my abilities fall short in the social media arena. Take Twitter for example. It took me a couple of years to figure it out because #1 it wasn’t very high on my list of priorities and #2 it felt like everyone was talking with very few listening.

So I think it was back in November, I deleted my Twitter account which allowed me a little more time to focus on Instagram and boy and am I glad I did. It’s hard for me to believe how many relationships I’ve built on this platform, as a matter of fact, many of this year’s Women On The Move I met on Instagram. And I’ve been able to follow many of you there as well.


Yesterday, as I scrolled through my timeline, up popped one of my faves, @elizabeth_._johnson with a hack that I wanted to pass along here. If you hate wrinkled clothing you’re gonna love this.

Febreze. Yes, you heard correctly. Since she ran out of her Downy Wrinkle Releaser Elizabeth used Febreze on a new jumpsuit wrinkled from being packed away in a bag.

She sprayed the outfit down and laid out flat to dry. When she later checked the progress all of the wrinkles were gone. Now being the skeptic I am I had to do a little research and what I found was in addition to removing odors Febreze does indeed remove wrinkles. Once clothing has been sprayed until damp some people lay clothes out flat and some hang them until they are dry.

Have a great Friday and a Fabulous weekend!