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Bold Blind Beauty On A.I.R. Podcast

Bold Blind Beauty On A.I.R. podcast logo is white text on a black background "BBB On A.I.R. | Access Inclusion Representation. A teal wavy line element is used to represent air.

Bold Blind Beauty On A.I.R. YouTube Episodes

Everyone on the planet needs air to survive. Bold Blind Beauty adopted the acronym A.I.R. (Access, Inclusion, and Representation) because it’s essential for people with disabilities. People with disabilities need Accessibility, Inclusion, and Representation, not only to survive but to thrive. Bold Blind Beauty On A.I.R. is clearing the air for more A.I.R. The links are in descending order with the most recent episode on top.

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Finding Bold Blind Beauty On A.I.R.

The YouTube link to each podcast episode will be posted here. You can also find Bold Blind Beauty On A.I.R. on iTunes, Google, Amazon Music, Anchor, Spotify, or whichever podcast platform you prefer. Subscribe today!

Alternatively, you can access the podcast on Buzzsprout by clicking the button below.


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