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Abby, Brand Icon Extraordinaire

Abby, Brand Icon Extraordinaire

Brand icon Abby is holding up a teal dress on a hanger in her right hand. She is wearing a stylish black off-the-shoulder dress, black heels with ankle straps and a white hat. In her left hand is her white cane.

Abby aka Abigale is a stylish Bold Blind Beauty and brand icon who always walks in confidence with her white cane. Forever on the move, she reflects the beauty of her blind and low-vision sisters worldwide.

A fashionista who radiates sophistication, Abby shares tips, answers questions, and moderates discussions about empowerment, beauty, and fashion. Her vast experience and life adventures have given Abby the tools to help us change the way we perceive blindness. The goal is to improve humanity, one attitude at a time.

So What’s In The Name Abigale?

Abigale’s name is a combination of ‘Abilities’ + ‘Nightingale.’ Reflective of her boundless Abilities and Nightingale–the small ordinary bird, known for its extraordinarily beautiful song. The Nightingale is also a symbol of freedom and joy for literary enthusiasts throughout time. 

Abigale’s Fortitude

Abby evolved from Steph’s imagination to an illustration of a woman of indeterminate age. Diagnosed with a rare eye disease that stole most of her sight, she did not let this set her back. Rather she embraced her blindness, accessed tools available for blind and low-vision people, and moved forward with her life.

Global Travels

After graduating from her Ivy League school in business and law, Abby landed at a prestigious global law firm on Wall Street where she advanced to managing partner. This would be enough for most women, but she felt there was more to life than just business. So she took a much-needed hiatus from the high-pressure corporate world and became an avid adventurer. Traveling the four corners of the world, she scaled mountains, sailed stormy seas, explored the deepest caverns, and strutted the runways of the major fashion capitals. Along the way, she met a diverse array of people from all walks of life, and even led a jazz trio as a popular singer!

In Her Spare Time

When Abby isn’t working or volunteering, she enjoys painting (yes, blind people can paint!) and spending time with Alexis, her retired guide dog. Alexis, an adorable Yellow Lab, and her mom live in a beautiful home decked out in decor from her world travels.

Putting It All Together

With her incredible travel experiences under her belt, Abby was ready to combine her business and legal skills with her passion for fashion. She applied her knowledge to empowering blind women to be all they can be by joining Bold Blind Beauty. Abby provides tips, answers questions, and moderates discussions on empowerment, beauty, and fashion.

Finding Abby

You can find Abby exclusively at, home of Beyond Sight Magazine. The goal of Bold Blind Beauty is to eradicate misconceptions about people living on the blindness spectrum through storytelling. You can join her in “Abby’s Corner” by subscribing to our newsletter BBB Monthly News.

Image Description: 

  • Bold Blind Beauty brand icon, Abby, is holding up a teal dress on a hanger in her right hand. She is wearing a stylish black off-the-shoulder dress, black heels with ankle straps, and a white hat. In her left hand is her white cane.

Copyright: The Abigale (Abby) copyright belongs to Bold Blind Beauty and Abigale Style, LLC. The icon does not replace the nationally recognized white cane icon. 

Abby and her back story are a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious way. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or real events is purely coincidental.


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