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Beyond Sight Magazine (Blog)

Beyond Sight Magazine "You do not need sight to have vision" Header.

Beyond Sight Magazine is storytelling at its finest. Here you will meet some of the most fascinating people on the blindness spectrum or allies who support A.I.R. (Access, Inclusion, and Representation). Each of these segments are scheduled for publication on the 1st through 4th Mondays of the month. The one commonality among all these stories is “You Do Not Need Sight To Have Vision.”

If this is your first time visiting Bold Blind Beauty welcome! You can check out the About Page to learn more about who we are and what we do. Afterward we invite you to click through the Beyond Sight links or you can search our content for specific authors or topics.

The Beyond Sight section of the website contains all of our storytelling content. Among the many types of people you’ll meet here are authors, dancers, artists, coaches, entrepreneurs, voice-over actors, adventurers, chefs, podcasters, therapists, scientists, social workers and more. If you’ve ever doubted or haven’t considered the capabilities of blind people I encourage you to read “BLIND: Bold Leaders Illuminating New Directions.

The 5 Main Beyond Sight Features:

1. Men In Motion

Men In Motion is published on the first Monday of the month is a video/blog feature that focuses on the stories of blind and low-vision male influencers.

2. Women On The Move

Women On The Move is published on the second Monday of the month. These are monthly stories (new submissions are video/blog formats) of accomplished women who are on the blindness spectrum.

3. Monthly Beauties

Representation Matters! Since there are very few beauty/fashion magazines that feature women on the blindness spectrum we created one to showcase these beauties. This cover feature is published every third Monday.

4. Cane EnAbled

In addition to celebrating all things related to the white cane; including safety, usage, and personalization, this monthly series also shares broad perspectives from those in the field, parents of children who are blind or have low vision, advocates, technology, and exciting news and events within the blind community. Cane EnAbled is published on the fourth Monday of each month.

5. Lifestyle

This segment features guest articles from the Bold Blind Beauty contributors and a published throughout the month. Topics range from Book Reviews, Career, Cooking, Finance, Health & Wellness, Poetry, Funny Stories, Self-Care, Short Stories, Affirmations, Travel, and More.

Note From The Editor:

While we work hard to sustain our publication schedule, sometimes life gets in the way. Even so, please know that we will always do our best, to do our BEST. ~Steph

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