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About Bold Blind Beauty

About Bold Blind Beauty

All people are Beautiful! Bold Blind Beauty empowers beautiful blind women to transcend barriers and walk boldly with confidence—in style, body, and soul.

~Bold Blind Beauty

Who Are We?

Created by style blogger Stephanae McCoy, Bold Blind Beauty empowers blind women interested in beauty, fashion, and style. In addition, the site also connects blind and sighted people to change the way we perceive blindness.

Visitors are guided by stylish fashion icon Abby, a fashionista who radiates an attitude of hip, laid-back sophistication. Forever on the move, Abby is in the know about the latest styles and fashions. She walks in confidence with her white cane in hand, providing tips, answering questions, and moderating discussions. And if you see something you simply must have, you’ll likely find it on Abby’s Swag (Shop Now).

We hope you enjoy perusing the site and reading the blog—please let us know what you think!

10% of all profits are donated to organizations who work to improve employment opportunities for people who are blind & visually impaired.

~Bold Blind Beauty

Abby Image Description:

A trio of Abbys is front and center of the design. Directly under the trio is the slogan “Blind Chicks With Attitude.” “Attitude” is in braille (non-tactile).

The trio is walking with white canes in one hand and handbags in the other. The icons are wearing black heels and black stylish dresses made of panels resembling overlapping banana leaves. The dress panels gently curve from the nipped-in waistlines to just above the knee. They are sporting their signature explosive hairstyles.

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