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About Bold Blind Beauty

Who Are We?

All people are beautiful! Bold Blind Beauty empowers beautiful blind women to transcend barriers and walk boldly with confidence—in style, body, and soul. 

Built on the premise that “Real Beauty Transcends Barriers,” Bold Blind Beauty was created to empower blind and visually impaired women (B&VI). With a renewed focus on changing perceptions and promoting inclusiveness, Bold Blind Beauty’s “2020 A Year Of Vision” Campaign also celebrates B&VI men.  

Changing perceptions begins with building awareness and promoting respect for people with disabilities. We plan to achieve the goal of changing the way we perceive one another by sharing our stories and having mutual respect for humanity. In 2020 we are thrilled to present as part of the “2020 A Year of Vision” Campaign:  

  • Abby’s Triple B Stamp Of Approval podcast review
  • “Triple B Stamp Of Approval” product review system
  • “Men In Motion” a monthly feature highlighting B&VI male influencers

Meet Stephanae

Stephanae McCoy, the visionary of boldblindbeauty.com, is a businesswoman, style-setter, blogger and abilities crusader. As a woman who loves style and happens to be blind, Ms. McCoy created Bold Blind Beauty to encourage empowerment, connect sighted/non-sighted people, and eradicate misconceptions about blindness and people living with sight loss. 

Stephanae was able to develop today’s successful boldblindbeauty.com with her combined business acumen, commitment to advocacy, and enthusiasm for style. To date, the blog has reached over 147,000 site visits and continues to flourish.

Meet Abigale

Visitors are guided by stylish fashion icon Abby, a fashionista who radiates an attitude of hip, laid-back sophistication. Forever on the move, Abby is in the know about the latest styles and fashions. She walks in confidence with her white cane in hand, providing tips, answering questions, and moderating discussions. And if you see something you just must have, you may find it on the very cool Abby’s Swag (Shop Now) e-commerce section that lets your attitude dictate your fashion direction. 

A Clear Mission & Values To Create Positive Change

The mission of Bold Blind Beauty is to improve humanity by changing the way we perceive one another. Our values are centered on a foundation of service which rests on the four pillars of P.I.E.R. (Passion, Inclusion, Equity, and Respect).

  • Passion – Breaking down barriers is the fuel that drives our passion.
  • Inclusion – People are our people—we wholly embrace diversity by connecting sighted and blind people of all abilities.
  • Equity – What works for one person may not work for another—we see individuals.
  • Respect – We respect life; humanity, animals, and this planet. Everything we do begins with respect.

Bold Blind Beauty breaks down barriers by empowering blind women to love themselves by promoting self-confidence. Limitless possibilities are borne out of self-confidence when the emphasis is placed on abilities.

We hope you enjoy perusing the site and reading the blog—please let us know what you think!

10% of all profits are donated to organizations who work to improve employment opportunities for people who are blind & visually impaired.

~Bold Blind Beauty

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A simple black outline drawing of an eye on a white background. The iris of the eye is a teal-colored female symbol and the pupil inside the iris is a smaller gray male symbol. The eye is centered above the tagline “2020 A Year Of Vision” 

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