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Blind Beauty Issue #16 | Shaini Saravanamuthu

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“Retinitis Pigmentosa has legally claimed me as an individual with a disability and legally blind!” ~Shaini Saravanamuthu

A question that I get asked often is “But that’s why you wear glasses right? They fix your vision and you can see right?” I wish it was as simple as that, RP has taken my night vision and slowly killing off my peripheral vision. I wear glasses because, in addition to what RP has caused me to lose, I am also nearsighted!

Question# 2: “Can’t you just get laser surgery and fix your vision ?” Unfortunately, laser can’t bring back any night vision or peripheral vision lost! At the moment researchers are still in the midst of working on different treatments to cure different kinds of Genetic Eye Diseases!

Friendly reminder, not all of us that are visually impaired / legally blind own a white cane or a guide dog hence why you sometimes hear us refer to it as an invisible disability! So someone you know can be visually impaired and you may not even know it!

To those of you going through vision loss, remember that our disability doesn’t define us and it most defiantly will not stop us from reaching for the stars! So keep on pushing and living your dreams!

Shaini was born and raised in Montreal, Accountant in the day and a Sephora girl by night. She loves learning new things and trying new projects, which have led her to several great opportunities and great friendships! She hopes that her story inspires others and helps others who may be going through a similar situation. “Always remember, Live. Laugh. Love & Learn”

Description: Featured image is a mock magazine cover titled Blind Beauty. Shaini’s long dark hair is draped over her right shoulder as she looks fabulous in her eyeglasses and is slightly pouting. She is wearing a black top with a keyhole neckline and a white sweater.

Blocks of text superimposed on Shaini’s photo are: “Bold | She Keeps Pressing Onward,” “Blind | She Has Deeper Insight,” “Beautiful | She Sees To The Heart Of Others.”

Shaini can be followed on IG: @shinez_

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Abby’s Reflections #25 | Precious Moments

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Insights on Beauty & Sight Loss

“I don’t like cold weather but I love coming in from the bitter cold to my warm and cozy home. Putting on some Christmas music, turning on the tree and sipping on a steamy cup of hot chocolate hits the spot. Simple moments like these are so precious and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.”

Life is so fleeting when we don’t take a minute to savor the simple moments we will look back in regret at what we lost. Enjoy now.

Description: A white, teal, and gray template utilizing the ‘Abby’s Corner’ image of Abby sitting cross-legged in her PJs (gray bottoms & white top with a gray collar) with a teal Abby logo laptop on her lap. Behind Abby to her right is a teal colored Christmas tree with a gold star and ornaments. She is sporting her signature explosive hairstyle while wearing a headset with microphone and her white cane is propped up next to her. In the background are light gray snowflakes.

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Shading The Windows To The Soul…

Or Deception Is Our Nature

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Full-length mirror selfie

Who doesn’t like feeling and looking their best especially when you’re preparing for a special event? But what about those times when you feel like pond scum? This question I faced a few days ago as I was getting ready for another followup appointment with my ophthalmologist.

Over the past two weeks, I had one emergency room, one doctor, two ophthalmologist visits, antibiotics, steroids, and anti-inflammatories, and all over one eye, my good eye. After I recovered from the flu it began with a minor itch in the corner of my eye, then blossomed into an aching, swollen, mess that has me couped up and practically bathing in antibacterial products.

Needless to say, makeup has been out of the question but what’s a girl to do when she has to go to a follow-up appointment? She breaks out the heavy artillery. That’s right, a dress, boots, fur vest and the most important item dark oversized shades. Adding a little lip color and no one was the wiser, all I had to do was keep my gear on.

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Left to right shows improvement in the left eye.

I actually felt better and couldn’t help secretly smiling knowing I was such a sight under my sunglasses. As my son and I waited until we were called in to see the doctor he gave me the sweetest compliment saying “yeah mom, you look nice but I wouldn’t expect any different because deception is the nature of your sex,” I burst out laughing. He has such a way with words and who’d thought his sexist comment would become the title of my blog post?

Even though I’m still not 100 percent laughter always makes me feel better and I try to find humor all around me. Not taking myself so seriously has truly helped me survive what I may have once thought wasn’t survivable.

Description: In the full-length mirror selfie I am wearing a burgundy and black floral wrap dress, black suede knee-high boots, gray faux fur vest, silver earrings, stretchy cuff bracelet. I must have been sick because I totally forgot to sport my burgundy booties, oh well there be another time.

The collage of four selfies shows the improvement in the swelling of my left eye. In the two upper photos, the eye is nearly swollen shut. In the bottom two pictures, the eye is opening.

Do you have any tricks up your sleeve when you’re not feeling your best? Please do tell, you’re among friends here.





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Abby’s Holiday Nails With Feeling

Paradise Is A Pampered Princess

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Nail Art #1 found on Pinterest

I’ll never forget my first professional manicure. The only word to describe the experience was sublime. When the manicurist massaged my hands I seriously felt like royalty, in fact, I was so relaxed I may have nodded off.

After she finished cutting, filing, buffing, shaping, and polishing my nails looked spectacular and I felt so good you’d have thought I was on my way to check out my star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If I must say so myself I was slaying.

Over the past several weeks I’ve talked about fashion from a tactile perspective and how we can thoroughly enjoy creating fabulous looks by focusing on texturing. Likewise, the same principles of engaging more of our senses can be used in nail art beginning with shape, length, matte or glossy polish, to using glitter, gems, and other items.

To give you an idea of how this can be done I’ve chosen several designs which incorporates multiple tactile methods to delight those of us with little to no sight.

Nail Art #1 Description:
This design uses both deep burgundy matte and gold glitter polish. Thumb, middle and pinky fingers are solid burgundy matte, the index finger is solid gold glitter and the ring finger is a combination of the two polishes with a golden Christmas tree shape extending from the bottom of the nail towards the tip.

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Nail Art #2 Wrapping Paper

Nail Art #2 Wrapping Paper
Solid Metallic green polish is on all the fingernails in this picture and tiny gold accents (gems) are at the base of each nail. See more on Paintbox Nails.

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Nail Art #3 Metallic Magic

Nail Art #3 Metallic Magic
A classic solid red polish is on all the fingernails. A band of golden beads is centered lengthwise on the accent nail (in this picture, the middle finger). Demelza’s World

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Nail Art 4 Glitter Dipped

Nail Art #4 Glitter Dipped
Elevate a white mani by sprinkling festive red and green glitter on the bottom of your nails. (This is also a great way to hide any chips or imperfections before a last-minute soirée.)

While I wouldn’t recommend it, many nail art designs can be achieved on your own however it takes a steady hand a great deal of practice to become proficient. The cool thing here is you are only limited by your imagination. For example, you could use different colors to do a French manicure or use a glossy polish with a matte tip.

Do you have any tactile decorative nail tips to share? We’d love to hear from you.


Images: Pictures 2-4 were found on Good HouseKeeping. The first image was found on Pinterest.