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"Demystifying Blindness Through Storytelling"  A panel of three blind people confidently posing with their white canes. Charlie Kramer is flanked by Lachi on his left and Mary Kathryn LeMaster on his left. A fourth person, Catherine Harrison is overlaid atop the panel to the far right.

What got me through my blindness journey, was immersing myself in the blind community and advocating side by side with other blind people.

~Steph McCoy

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Many people are finding Becky Andrews’ “Cultivating Resilience” series very helpful. You can find each of her posts within the series at the following links:

Our Offerings

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Beyond Sight Magazine

Beyond Sight Magazine is storytelling at its finest. Here you will meet some of the most fascinating people on the blindness spectrum and our amazing allies who support A.I.R. (Access, Inclusion, and Representation). And don’t forget to visit Abby’s Corner for tips, interviews, reviews, beauty & blindness.

White text on a black background that says: “Beyond Sight Magazine” | “You Do Not Need Sight To Have Vision.”
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Marta DiVito is a pretty young caucasian woman with short brown hair styled in a fashionable bob. She is wearing a blue floral scoop neck dress paired with small gold hoop earrings and eyeglasses.

Virtual Work Experience Program

Bold Blind Beauty’s Virtual Work Experience Program is designed for high school and college students with disabilities.

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InSIGHT Through Inclusion Virtual Speaker Series

Our speakers are professional, passionate, and accomplished women on the blindness spectrum who share their powerful lived experiences while building the case for hiring people with disabilities.

Photo of Sylvia Stinson-Perez living her passion & mission at the AFB Leadership Conference. She is standing at the podium addressing the hundreds of attendees looking beautifully confident in a pink skirt suit.
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Ambassador Bethany Cody wearing her black Bold Blind Beauty brand t-shirt with the semi-circle B.L.I.N.D. logo on the right breast in white and teal. Her brown hair is straight, cascading over her shoulders. She's smiling at the camera.

Bold Leaders Illuminating New Directions Ambassador Program

Bold Blind Beauty’s “BLIND” Ambassador Program is all about leadership and vision. Our Ambassadors represent the Bold Blind Beauty brand virtually and at in-person events.

Bold Blind Beauty On A.I.R. Podcast

Our podcast features guests who speak to the overall message on the importance of A.I.R. (Accessibility, Inclusion, and Representation). 

Bold Blind Beauty's podcast logo is a bright yellow illustration of a hot air balloon on a black background with the words "Bold Blind Beauty" in white text and a curved arc around the top of the balloon. Under the balloon are the words "On A.I.R."
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A woman is modeling a red tee with an image of Abby in white ink. Below Abby is "Relax it's only a Cane." Cane is written in non tactile braille.

Support Our Mission

At Bold Blind Beauty we sell a message of empowerment, acceptance, and hope. Our mission is to improve humanity by changing the way we perceive one another. When you shop our online store, you support our mission and projects such as the Virtual Work Experience, Speaker Series, Ambassador Programs, and more.

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