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Monthly Beauty | Tekesha Saffold

Beyond Sight Magazine's Monthly Beauty Tekesha Saffold's image is described in the body of the post.

Meet The Faces of Bold Blind Beautiful & Accomplished Women

Representation Matters! Bold Blind Beauty believes that “Real Beauty Transcends Barriers.” Today’s Cover Model, Tekesha Saffold, is the President of the National Federation of the Blind of Palm Beach and she also serves as a Consumer Advocate and Consultant of the Palm Beaches. 

Following is personal and empowering insight from Tekesha.

“I am as strong as cloth with determination and dignity; I can laugh at the future to come because I am optimistic. I speak with wisdom because of my challenges, I have survived thus far, and positive affirmations of myself is always on my tongue. Because I have faith in my creator, I believe that all things are possible and I am a living testimony of blessings.”

~Tekesha Saffold

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Image Description:

Beyond Sight Magazine Cover – Tekesha is a statuesque beauty formally dressed in an off the shoulder light-colored gown with a crystal-embellished waistline. She is smiling while holding a bouquet of flowers in the crook of her right arm while her left hand is on her hip. The masthead is teal with “Beyond Sight Magazine” in black text. The dot on the ‘i’ in ‘sight’ is the eye used for our 2020 Year of Vision Campaign (described HERE). There are 3 lines of white text to the right of Tekesha’s photo that says “Tekesha Saffold Bold and Beautiful .” In the bottom right corner is a yellow circle with an illustration of Abby looking at a reflection of herself in a standing mirror. She has on a teal dress and a white hat with a black band. In her right hand is her white cane. And of course, she’s sporting her signature explosive hairstyle (peeping from under her hat in the back), and “Monthly Beauties” is in yellow text under the circle.


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