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The Runway Looks We Can Afford

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A Convo With As IF Magazine

Featuring Fashionably Tardy, Bold Blind Beauty Contributor

High fashion is something that is very popular in modern-day society. The brand-named labels have always dominated pop culture and there’s not a red carpet, photoshoot, or industry event where we don’t see our favorite celebrities rocking something designer. But for the general public, the opportunity to obtain some of these items are far and few between. The reason, they’re just way too expensive! I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t have the funds to be out here just throwing it in the bag. But there are moments where I want to be fancy and stunt on em in a high-end brand. So, how does the average consumer achieve runway looks without breaking the bank? Well, I sat with Fashion Stylist and Content Editor for As IF Magazine Kristopher Fraser and he has some great solutions that are sure to make all your designer dreams come true.

“Now one thing that I’ve discussed as an editor,” expressed Fraser, “is the circular economy and resell because those are two growing categories in the fashion industry right now. So, think of it as you know, things like thrifting and consignment stores. One company that’s been getting really big lately is The Real Real. The Real Real is a reselling platform for Luxury brands. So, brands like Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, are all sold at an immense fraction of the price. “So, we hadn’t even gotten a minute into the interview and Fraser was already dropping gems. Well, I did my research into The Real Real and Y’all it’s not just a name they came up with for their brand they are the real deal. 

About The Real Real

In 2011 founder and CEO Julie Wainwright started the company right out of her kitchen. She would visit consigners at their home and use a U-Haul truck to transfer all the products. Now, nine years later, they have 4 retail stores in NYC, LA, and SF. Plus they have 10 luxury consignment offices across the country, four of which are in their stores. This is a one-stop-shop for a true fashionista. They have everything from women’s wear, men’s wear, kids’ fashion, designer jewelry, fine art, and home décor. And the best part about The Real Real is that they’re the only resell company that authenticates every single item they sell. Every authentication they do is brand-specific and the process is overseen by 150 experts including luxury brand authenticators, gemologists, and horologists.

The Real Real isn’t the only online consignment store for luxury brands. For more opportunities to browse for discounted designer fashion, check out websites like Fashionphile, Vestiaire Collective, Rebag, Luxury Garage Sale, and Collective Square. But whether you’re surfing The Real Real’s website or any of the other online resale stores I named; Fraser says you have to go into it with the right mindset. “Some tips for shopping these websites are, you want to go in with the mindset of not just falling down the rabbit hole because it’s very easy to do. If you have a certain look you’re trying to achieve, like a certain type of runway look you’re trying to recreate, or maybe you just want that head to toe drip of that luxury brand you always loved. But you know sometimes, it can be a bit of a hunt. Certain things will sell out, but you can get on the list to get a notification for when it comes back in stock. But keep in mind they may not come back in stock in your size because they are resell sites and it’s whatever they manage to get from someone trying to sell to them. so, you know, you got to go in with a hunter’s mentality.”

The High Low Technique

Fraser talked about so many great tips but one of my favorites has to be his advice on the high low technique. “I’m a big big fan of the high low situation,” says Fraser. “for example, even in some of the work I’ve done as a stylist, I’ve placed luxury brands with sometimes slightly more affordable contemporary brands. There are so many wealthy people doing high low nowadays. I know people that pair Balenciaga pants with Topshop blouses and jackets. Think about that one investment piece you’ve been wanting. For instance, that one designer bag you saved up for. You know, the one you worked really hard to acquire? Well, you can pair that with looks that might be on trend. The denim skirt is really in this season, so that designer bag would be the perfect way to really set the look off.”

I don’t know about you all, but I’m so inspired to try all these tips out! I couldn’t cover all of Fraser’s genius in this article but if you love him as much as I do, you can hear his full interview on Fashionably Tardy. He’s giving us so many amazing ways to upgrade our closets on our High Fashion episode, so you definitely want to go and check it out. However, I do want to share this last bit of advice from Fraser that I absolutely think is valuable for any consumer. “One piece of advice I have for people who do want to acquire quality fashion at an affordable price point is to learn about when the sales are. Sales follow a schedule in retail. For example, Nordstrom has their anniversary sale, Macy’s does super discount sales on all the federal holidays, and on luxury retail sites like, which sells streetwear, they do a 70% off sale twice a year. There is no shame in being a sales shopper! Learn when your department stores are having their sales, get friendly with your associates so they can tell you when the markdowns happen. So, you have to really build those client to sales associate relationships and don’t be afraid to thrift either. Thrifting has become really popular in the circular economy.” ~Natalie Trevonne 

Natalie Trevonne is ½ of the Fashionably Tardy duo which is a podcast that’s available on most podcasting platforms. The podcast features her and her co-host Lissa Lo telling the amazing stories of some dope fashion creatives killing it in the game today. For more fashion and beauty tips, listen to Fashionably Tardy today!  

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About Kristopher Fraser

Kristopher Fraser is a New York City-based fashion editor and stylist. He’s currently the Associate Editor at As IF Magazine. He is a graduate of Overland College and The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He’s well versed in both the world of men’s wear and women’s wear with extensive knowledge of luxury handbags To learn more about Kris Fraser or to hear more of his fashion tips, listen to episodes For the Culture and High Fashion on Fashionably Tardy

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