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You’re As Beautiful As You Feel

You're As Beautiful As You Feel featured image description is in the body of the post.

You’re As Beautiful As You Feel

“As a woman, there is no better feeling than when hair, makeup, and outfit all come together to create a beautifully cohesive look. As a woman who can no longer see, the feelings are identical. Lack of eyesight does not and should not prevent anyone from feeling and looking their absolute best.” 

~Bold Blind Beauty

Looking Your Best When You Are Visually Impaired

I wrote the above in a post titled Unapologetically Appreciating Unique Beauty. In the article, I talk about the issue around the inaccurate belief that people who cannot see, do not care about their appearance. So when Zoe Chen directed me to an article written by Cheryl Wilcox, Looking Your Best When You Are Visually Impaired, I was thrilled at the opportunity to share Cheryl’s makeup tips for people who are blind or have low vision.

At the end of the article are some cool makeup and skincare resources for people who are blind or have low vision. One example, Dot Skin Care, is an organic skincare line that uses a numerical system in order of application. The attractive packaging is squarish to prevent rolling if a product should accidentally be dropped.

While we still have a way to go to full inclusivity especially in the fashion and beauty industries, slowly some companies are coming around. When you have a moment be sure to check out Looking Your Best When You Are Visually Impaired.

You’re As Beautiful As You Feel Featured Image Description:

A white Calla Lily against a blurred background. The image includes a Carl Jung quote. “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

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12 thoughts on “You’re As Beautiful As You Feel”

  1. That’s great Anna. One of my friends loaned me her 10x magnifying mirror and I believe she got here from BBB. Have fun learning and experimenting with some new techniques and makeup brands. I used to wear eye shadow when I was younger but don’t much bother with it now because I try to keep my makeup to a minimum. Eyeliners can be tricky but I know a couple of women who can apply liquid liner with ease even though they can’t see. I tried and failed miserably but have since found liner pencils that work really well. Let me know how you make out. Also, almost forgot but it you sign up for Sephora online you can take advantage of their makeup classes.

  2. Perhaps a weirdly obvious discovery… but I found on Saturday that there are magnifying handheld mirrors with 10x zoom out there. Wasn’t even looking for one when I walked past those at Bed Bath & Beyond, first thinking “wow, this would be cool if I’d be comfortable in using makeup…” after a few minutes, it seemed like a good tool to pick and try, so at least I could try to learn some better techniques on some days. So time to re-learn to do some of that makeup thing again 🙂 knowing where to highlight and where to shadow is a good skill. Never learned to properly use an eyeliner, and no clue how heavy eyeshadows my eyes can tolerate, so time to find out…

  3. I’m glad to hear this resonated with you Diane. While our stories are different, I can only imagine what you’ve endured over the past few months, I can understand how it feels after a life-altering event and knowing that inside you’re the same person and many times I think, an improved version. This is why I think it’s so important to place the emphasis on who we are and not on how we might appear to be. It’s especially difficult for us ladies because such unrealistic expectations are placed on us. Watching you walk with grace on the difficult journey you’ve been on and getting to know you a little better through your writing combined makes you beautiful, gray hair and all.💖

  4. That is so true, Steph! Right now I’m struggling with awkwardly short, white/gray hair as its growing back after chemo and I have to keep remembering I’m the same person on the inside even though I look so different on the outside… thanks for the reminder!

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