Your Attitude Dictates Your Direction

Let Abby Show You The Way

I am posing in an Abigail Style tee while holding the white tote bag with black handles.

If I was amazed at the outcome of the #AbbyOnTheMove design, created by Jennifer Barrile, then I was blown away by seeing this artwork come alive on Abigail Style. Take the ceramic coffee mug for example, the vibrant colors and size of the design are outstanding!

Whenever I look at this creation I think about the messages Abigail is delivering to the world. Challenging outdated societal perceptions by building awareness on blindness and demonstrating our independence is what #AbbyOnTheMove is all about. Like sighted women, blind/vision impaired women also desire to embrace life at its fullest.

The limited edition products in this post can be purchased on now through October 31 with free shipping to the US and Canada.

Design description: A whimsical image of a blue cityscape with Abigail walking past and the hashtag #AbbyOnTheMove on the bottom.


11 oz. Ceramic coffee mug with the #AbbyOnTheMove design centered on the front of the mug.
11 oz. Ceramic Coffee Mug

"Your attitude dictates your direction. Let Abby show you the way." Quote is above the #AbbyOnTheMove image described in the post.



  1. Absolutely nothing. Everyone, should be able to embrace life to its fullest. Thank you for coming by and commenting, I appreciate it.

  2. Abby has come a long way in such a short time, it’s marvelous. I’m sure many partially sighted ladies will identify with her while others will strive to follow her lead. I can see her being an International icon before long.
    Mind you, she is International on here already.
    xxx Massive Hugs Steph xxx

  3. It is a very stylish design. I agree with the quotation too.

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