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WOTM 51 Featuring Melody Goodspeed


Women On The Move Featuring Melody Goodspeed

“Watch Me!!!” ~Melody Goodspeed

From the moment I met Melody Goodspeed I fell in love with her energy and enthusiasm. We were introduced by a mutual acquaintance via email. During our initial exchange, I could literally hear the excitement in her emails. When we spoke by phone I was not disappointed. 

Melody is such an accomplished person with huge expectations for herself and I absolutely love this about her. A real sweetheart and fellow lover of all things sparkly, I am so happy to call her my friend. And now I present to you, Melody:

The Uninvited Guest

Melody Goodspeed

Melody, hubby, and son

There I was minding my own business and enjoying my 20’s. I mean I was living pay check to pay check, but what 20 something isn’t?

In February 2003, I met a very nice guy and we started dating, I was finally getting into the groove of my new job as a special education teacher and making new friends. Then a few months later piercing headaches brought me to my knees. Multiple doctor visits and emergency room visits, with no diagnosis. Finally, the pain was just too much to bear and the MRI was ordered.

A blood clot, uninvited, was in a major vein in my brain. I was told if it ruptured there would be little to nothing they could do to stop the bleeding. Surgery was too risky and there I was, left alone in the worst fear I have ever felt. A few weeks went by and the treatment of blood thinners was showing improvement to the blood clot, but not to the pain.

What caused the uninvited guest you ask? I have a blood disorder that is mainly found in 70 to 80-year-old men. Basically, I make too many red blood cells. My body, trying to protect itself, reacted to the invader as if it were a tumor and increased fluid around my brain resulting in massive headaches.

A few more weeks and I wake up with pin-hole vision and a race to emergency surgery to get the increased fluid off my optic nerves…

The end result, a hopeful Melody, in pain, and totally blind…I felt like the person I was, died and hope no longer existed.

Melody & her children image description is in the body of the post.

Melody & her children at Easter

Melody & her children

Melody & her children

Melody is displaying some of her Touchstone Crystal. In the photo is her wrist and hand with a sparkly bracelet and ring.

Melody’s Touchstone Crystal

Detour To A Different Life

Fast forward a few years and finally, I decided no way! No way am I going to let this darkness take me down! Against all odds, I was determined to have the life I want. Is it different? A huge “YES!, however, that does not make it any less beautiful. I had to learn that Melody did not die, her life just went in a different direction.

Melody and her daughter at the Smithsonian National Zoo

Melody and her daughter at the Smithsonian National Zoo

I have met the most amazing people, experience love on every level and have made it a priority to give to others that may be experiencing life changes and navigate to a new freedom. I work a full-time job, married with 2 kids, have my own business on the side, as an independent consultant for Touchstone Crystal, and recently became a certified Co-Active Coach.

Your LIFE is what YOU want it to be. We all have struggles, we all face life changes, but it is the strength we find in ourselves that crushes all the doubts and fears you may be experiencing.  Run with your life and find what gives you joy in the darkest of places!

When I feel anxiety or doubt flirting with me, I mentally stare it down and say, “Watch Me!” You cannot have my joy! It is all mine…and then I flip my hair and give it the hand! Then I crush it!! Happiness is a choice, living for others is a choice, and believing in yourself, even when it seems hopeless is a choice.

Flip your hair, strut your stuff and say, “Watch Me!”

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Melody Goodspeed Featured Image:

In this photo, Melody is working a Touchstone Crystal party. She truly sparkles as she smiles brightly for the camera dressed in a camo print cold-should top. Melody’s shoulder-length light brown hair frames her face and she is sporting a Touchstone statement necklace.

Additional Photos:

  1. Melody, hubby, and son are at his birthday party at an ice-skating rink. Melody loves to skate!
  2. Photo of Melody, her son, and baby daughter together at Easter. In the picture, the baby is surrounded by colorful plastic eggs while her brother and mom are smiling on either side of her.
  3. Another family photo of Melody and the children sitting on a couch with the baby on her brother’s lap. The baby is a miniature fashionista in a black & white outfit with a headband adorned with a red flower. Melody is wearing a black sweater with a red flower that matches her daughter’s headband. Big brother is wearing a red shirt.
  4. Here’s a picture of Melody holding her daughter and being goofy at the Smithsonian National Zoo. They are standing next to a dinosaur and it looks as if they are about to be eaten.
  5. Photo of Melody’s wrist and hand. She is wearing some of her sparkly Touchstone Crystal bracelets and a ring.



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