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WOTM 41 Featuring Maria Johnson

WOTM 41 Featured Image description is in the body of the post.

WOTM 41 Featuring Maria Johnson

“Truth is, I CAN still laugh, smile, listen, talk, teach, dance, hug, love, and live happily. Vision loss can hold you down, but the truth will set you free.”

Maria Johnson, Girl Gone Blind

I Got This!

Maria Johnson
Maria Johnson

Each person’s walk through the loss of eyesight is different. Today’s Woman On The Move, Maria Johnson, of Girl Gone Blind, is a powerhouse. And you get to personally meet by way of her podcast interview with Thomas Reid of Reid My Mind Radio.

I recently spoke with Maria by phone and was immediately taken with her energy and how much we share in common. We are in the same age bracket, are parents, and we are passionate about our missions.

“I realized I needed to get my head wrapped around this whole “I’m now blind” thing!” ~Maria Johnson

Maria suddenly lost her eyesight to Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON), a condition that can cause the optic nerve to atrophy. As a result, she began to publicly share her journey three months after sight loss. Three and a half years later she’s attained a huge following and is featured weekly on RNIB Connect Radio.

When you have a moment take a listen to the podcast and visit Maria over at Girl Gone Blind

Connecting With Maria:

WOTM 41 Featured Image Description

Photo of Woman On The Move, Maria Johnson, is of her smiling while showing off her “good hair day.” She is wearing a black and white v-neck top. The photo is in’s WOTM template. The entire template contains the photo and a transparent gray overlay near the bottom. Within the overlay is the opening quote in the post. 

Additional Image Description:

This photo is the same as the featured image with the exception of Maria’s facial expression. She has her mouth open and appears to be saying “hey, look at my fabulous do.”


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