World Glaucoma Week 2017 #3 – March 14

What Happens In The Glaucoma Diagnosed Eye

I’ve had open-angle glaucoma for about 6 or 7 years now and one would think with this amount of time under my belt that I’d know the disease inside out, right? Wrong!

Obviously, my approach to the Eye-Q Test was one of overconfidence which was promptly squashed by my quiz results. So I got to thinking if I couldn’t ace this test how many others out there are in the same boat? More importantly what is actually going on in the eye of a glaucoma patient? To help answer these questions I found 3 short and interesting videos:

  1. Animation on glaucoma’s development
  2. Taking a car ride through the eyes of a glaucoma patient
  3. Explanation on glaucoma

Development of Glaucoma Animation:

Through the eyes of a glaucoma patient driving a car:

Glaucoma 101:


  1. I am way behind and admit I didn’t watch the videos. I’d like to comment about your Eye-Q test result. When I took the test I thought it was a bit simplistic, which might be what threw you off. I looked at their advanced answers, and they got into detail with good information. Btw, thank goodness I got the quiz all correctly. lol

    1. Hahaha George if you failed the test I’d be very worried. 🤣 And I think you’re right it was so simplistic it was almost like a couple of the questions were trick questions.

  2. I watched the video about driving because I love it when I can see someone else’s perspective, literally. This was a really good visual of how impairment can effect not only the driver, but also the other people on the street.

    1. I thought this was one of the better simulations I’ve seen because it’s not a total blockage but even with the hazy view you can get a feel for how difficult it would be to navigate. Unfortunately there are a number of people on the road who have vision issues like this. It’s scary.

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