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WOTM 42 Featuring Taylor Papadopoulos

IMG 3298My name is Taylor Hosea-Papadopoulos and I am twenty-eight years old. A little under two years ago I was diagnosed with posterior uveitis; this condition is similar to wet macular degeneration.

Posterior uveitis causes inflammation in the back of the eye near the macula; the inflammation causes choroidal neovascularization which ultimately causes vision loss. I have a small amount of vision loss in my right eye due to neovascularization causing scar tissue near my macula. Even though facing posterior uveitis is daunting I remain hopeful that with science, a positive attitude and faith that a cure will be found for myself and for many others living with vision threatening conditions/vision loss.

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The initial blow of finding out that I had a sight threatening condition was completely devastating and I found myself in total fear of the future. After finding support through my family, husband, friends and various people who I had met that were experiencing similar struggles I realized that life was not over, it was just beginning.

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Although dealing with the loss of vision in my right eye has been less than easy I have not let this hold me back from anything. I have realized that when we are put in certain situations we are stronger than we ever imagined possible.

In any bad experience in life the best thing to do is to try and make the best of it in any way possible and that is what I have done with my eye condition. ~Taylor

Since I was diagnosed two years ago I have gotten married, graduated with my Associate’s Degree and have now moved on to work on my Bachelor’s Degree, seen 9 different countries in Europe, made the Dean’s List every semester in school, worked full-time, been a full-time wife, friend, daughter and sister among other things.

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I have really used what is going on with my vision as motivation and drive to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be and to accomplish every goal that I have set my mind on. ~Taylor

My appreciation and zest for life has grown immensely and I wake each morning with relentless gratitude.

In two years, I hope to be graduating from Cal State Dominguez Hills and applying to grad school so that I can obtain my LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) and begin my career. I cannot wait to be in a field where I will be able to truly help people who are in need.

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In a world that has become so hateful, I want to be able to spread love and compassion through sharing my experiences with others. If you are going through a hard time whether it be vision loss or something completely unrelated keep putting one foot in front of the other and I promise it will get easier; positive thoughts breed positive outcomes.

You can follow Taylor on Instagram at @mrspapadopoulos.



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