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Where In The World Is Abigale?

You Just Never Know Where She’s Gonna Pop Up

The following pictures document Abigail’s recent whereabouts. I’ve heard rumors that we’ll be receiving photos from Canada, Denver, and Florida in the coming days.

 Reisterstown, MD Image description in body of post.

Reisterstown, MD

Image description: We Are Breaking Down Barriers! (clockwise from top right) shows 1) Susan holding up the Abigale Style mug that says “My Friend is Bold Blind and Beautiful” while relaxing in a pink chair in front of a charming local coffee shop, Java Mammas Cafe. 2) Table with strawberry french toast and Abby mug 3) Abby mug and iced coffee next to order number on a sunny morning.

Baltimore Museum of Art Image description in body of post.

Baltimore Museum of Art

Image description: ‪#‎AbbyOnTheMove‬ She’s cultured and she’s capable and she’s enjoying the masterpieces at the Baltimore Museum of Art! “To improve humanity we must change the way we perceive one another.” Susan is standing with her white cane on stone steps leading to the columned entrance of the Baltimore Museum of Art. White Abby tank modeled says Blind Chicks with Attitude.

Baltimore Museum of Art Image description in body of post.

Baltimore Museum of Art

Image description: (clockwise from top right) shows 1) Standing in a gallery to view Cezanne’s Mont Sainte Victoire Seen from the Bibémus Quarry painting up close with monocular. Can see Abby tank paired with a green cardy and navy capris and holding the white cane. 2) Sitting on a bench to view a Cezanne painting in a modern art gallery. White cane in silhouette next to Susan. 3) Susan in Abby tank posed next to Rodin’s bronze sculpture The Thinker. A wall of windows behind them overlooks a landscaped courtyard.

Greyhound Bus Station Erie, PA Image description in body of post

Greyhound Bus Station Erie, PA

Image description: We’re Breaking Down Barriers! Abigale Style mug “Hey I’m Walkin’ Here” on the dashboard at the Greyhound bus station in Erie, PA.

Working out at the gym. Image description in body of post.

Working out at the gym

Image description: Abigale’s zest for life includes a healthy living where she can be found working out at the gym, walking, running, skiing, and enjoying a multitude of other physical activities! “Hey I’m Walkin’ Here” Abigale Style Coffee Mug sitting atop a stationary bike at the gym.

All Abigale Style products are available at 10% of all profits will be donated to the Employment Services Division of Blind and Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh.

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