When Style Is Cramped Go With It

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

2017 05 08 15 25 40On Friday night my breath was nearly taken away by an asthma attack. Being unable to breathe normally while frightening is not unfamiliar to me as I’ve been an asthmatic all my life. When I have an attack that can’t be regulated by my rescue inhaler it’s off to urgent care or, depending on timing, the ER which is where I ended up on Friday night.

I try to delay seeking medical help, especially the ER, because of copays, long wait times, and frankly, when I’m not feeling well I can’t be bothered getting all dolled up. As a matter of fact, the extent of my beautification process this go round was eyeliner and throwing on my hair.

Thankfully this ER visit was one of the most pleasant I’ve ever experienced. The staff was uber efficient and the total amount of time for two breathing treatments, a dose of steroids, and a chest x-ray was less than 1-1/2 hours.

During one of my breathing treatments I was so wrapped up in my Kindle, I didn’t notice my brother taking a picture of me in all my glory on a hospital gurney, wearing a hospital gown with the breathing treatment contraption hanging out of my mouth. To his credit, he waited until Saturday when I was feeling considerably better to show me the evidence of his unspeakable crime. Even though he did it to get under my skin I actually thought it was kind of funny and looked at it as an opportunity to share a less than flattering photo.

Today I’m feeling much better and followed up with my primary care doctor who prescribed a nebulizer which will enable me to do breathing treatments at home going forward.





  1. Glad to her she’s gotten some better. It’s an awful ailment and when allergy season hits it’s ridiculous.

  2. She has gotten better over the years but I do remember a time when she was dependent on her nebulizer…

  3. Thanks Hari! Yes, I felt much better the next day and now that I’m on a daily maintenance inhaler I feel better than I have in weeks. Just waiting on my nebulizer so I won’t have to do an ER trip again, at least I hope so. Does you aunt manage her asthma well?

  4. OMG, hope you’re doing better. My aunt has asthma and it is such a struggle. Take care!

  5. Thanks Bruce. I feel so good. This is the longest I’ve felt this good in months but I think the new daily inhaler is working well and my nebulizer should be coming within the next few days.

  6. Hope you are continuing to feel better Steph!

  7. Thank you Peggy. Pictures can be deceiving though. When I walked into the building the rattling in my chest triggered a quick response to an employee who asked if I wanted a wheelchair. Even though I opted to walk, overall there was an air of concern that made me think I probably shouldn’t have let the wheezing get to the point it’d reached. Hopefully this most recent hospital visit will be the last for my asthma issues. With the Breo inhaler, rescue inhaler (if I need it), and nebulizer I should be in good shape.

  8. So glad you are feeling better. The photo is great fun. You look stylish even in hospital, and your posture is great.

  9. I have an inhaler but only seem to need to use it when I get a bronchial infection which is rare. My exposure to foreign people and bodies at the airport has given me protection from viruses over the past few years. Very few of us come down with bugs.
    As for you, I guess you never know when you might meet a handsome, single doctor… 😍

  10. Believe me if it were any worse I wouldn’t have done a blessed thing. But since I had to wait for my brother to get ready it was a minor distraction. Do you use an inhaler?

  11. I am so glad you are feeling better, Steph. I have had to go to urgent care to be nebulized and it is very scary – don’t recall putting on make-up to go! 😍

  12. You are very right! There is a big difference between running on a treadmill and running outdoors! I find running outdoors much more challenging, but I also enjoy it more. I like the fresh air 🙂 I am in the process of building myself up too. Step by step, we will get there in the end 🙂

  13. When I used the treadmill on a regular basis I was so proud of myself when I was able to increase my speed and stamina but I noticed a huge difference between this workout and trying to run outside. I know if I start slow I could build myself up but I’m under no illusion that this would be a major test of my resolve.

  14. That is a huge blessing. When you are already not doing well the last thing you need is the stress and wait of and ER. That is actually encouraging to know that you were moved through so quickly and taken care of!

  15. Feeling so good and used my brand new maintenance inhaler this morning. I hope it will lessen the amount of times for the rescue inhaler.

    Believe it or not I was sort of impressed that I did the hair and eyeliner as well. My first thought was to go with a cap or headwrap but when I put on the wig, even though it looked ok it wasn’t a major hassle lining my eyes. If the attack was so severe that I’d have to call 911 I would have left the house au naturale but in this instance I had to wait for my brother to get himself together so I went for the liner.

  16. Hey Carly, thank you. I’m feeling so good now I could probably run a very short marathon.😉 It’d have to be extremely short because I’m so out of shape.😁

  17. Glad you are feeling better and had a good experience at the ER this time. I’m impressed that you took the time to throw on your hair and put on eyeliner. I think if I couldn’t breathe I wouldn’t even think about that. But, then, I don’t really wear makeup – ever. I will use a foundation on spots and put on a little blush so I don’t look pale, but that’s it. I know…..once a tomboy, always a tomboy, I guess. Well, actually, it is probably because my mom never wore makeup, so that wasn’t something that we did. Anyway, glad you are getting the nebulizer so you can keep the upper hand on your asthma.

  18. Hi Steph. Hope you are feeling better? Glad you received good and quick treatment at the hospital…You look great by the way 🙂 Take care. Carly

  19. Feeling like a million bucks sounds good to me Steph – so very glad about that. Thanks dear, have a happy week. 🙂

  20. Hey Terry, thank you! Oh my goodness I’m feeling like a million bucks, well maybe not a million because I don’t know how it feels to have a million but you catch my drift. After the continuous wheezing and rattling in my chest the quiet feels so good.

    I hope you’re feeling well and that your week is a good one. Take care. Hugs 💖

  21. Aren’t brothers the absolute best? 😜Thank you for the compliment, were it not for the hair the hospital staff would run for the hills. I just couldn’t do that to them😄

    I think the technology has overwhelmingly made a difference in the hospital experience. Once you check in at a kiosk everything is done electronically. When I went for the x-ray, including the trip to the radiation dept and back it took no more than 5 mins.

  22. Hi Patty,😊 I knew all I needed was a breathing treatment which would make a hospital stay unnecessary thank goodness. I’ve only been hospitalized twice for asthma and both times I was pregnant. For some reason during two of my three pregnancies my body revolted in the form of asthma attacks.

    And yes, I’m going to work on that stubbornness and just listen to my body.

  23. Today is my last day of steroids. Wow, I never considered that a nebulizer could be portable – duh. That’s a good thing to be able to take it with you and use in a vehicle if needed.

  24. 😄Awe, gotta love ’em. My middle son is the same way. He always gives his honest opinion and timing doesn’t matter match he just states his observations.

  25. Glad to hear the pneumonia was a while back and that your son is doing well. By the sounds of it you have his asthma under control.

    Asthma and alleries can be fickle can’t they? I know a few people who had one or both when they were young, out grew it only for it to return later.

    I didn’t know that generally if a person is using a rescue inhaler more than twice a week that it’s not considered being managed. For years I was taking Benadryl for unexplained hives that only appear on my legs, I was able to stop for a time but recently had to begin taking it but unless I’m having an allergy attack I only take it at night because they knock me out. In the past my pulmonary dr. put me on Advair but I didn’t like the side effects so my new doctor put me on Breo yesterday. Breo is like a once daily maintenance inhaler that should help minimize my need for the rescue inhaler.

  26. Me too. My doctor put me on Breo, today I was my first dose so we’ll see how it goes. Previously tried Advair and had some adverse reactions.

  27. Glad you are feeling better Steph – and you look fabulous. I am hoping your week is wonderful – thinking of you. 🙂

  28. I am so glad your are feeling better! You were definitely rocking the hospital gown look there. 😉

  29. Ah brothers. I do have to say you look pretty fabulous for feeling so lousy. I’m glad it was a better than normal experience for an ER. And you are ok!

  30. I am glad to you could go home again dear Steph. Promise you listen better to what your body is telling you, next time…ok? 😉

  31. So sorry you had to go to the ER. Glad you are feeling better. Are you still on steroids? I’m grateful to have a nebulizer at home. I can even plug mine into a car cigarette lighter.

    Stay well.

  32. The pneumonia was actually a couple of years ago, but yes, he’s doing well, and thank you so much for asking. He’s only had to use his inhaler a couple of times in PE this year, which is an improvement from last year. I’ve noticed if we keep his allergies under control, then the asthma is minimal. His father had asthma as a kid, it remained dormant for years, but now it’s returned. Probably from all the silly running, lol. Do you take a daily Claritin or allergy pill? I don’t know the different types of asthma, but yours sounds very scary, and I hope they gave you a treatment plan to manage it along with the nebulizer. ☺

  33. So his asthma is pretty much under control? Sometimes children can outgrow asthma but some of the literature the hospital gave me said there isn’t a cure but it can be managed. Pneumonia is a rough one, I hope he’s doing well.

  34. My son has asthma, and thankfully I’ve only had to seek medical intervention once, but turned out he had pneumonia. Hope that nebulizer helps!! ☺

  35. Yes, I feel much better now and I highly recommend throwing on hair especially when time is short. Wigs are the ultimate accessory. If I would have went to the ER with a ballcap or scarf the outcome of the picture would be downgraded. 🤣 Oh and my grandson has put my hair on. 😁

  36. It is and you’d think after all these years I would feel comfortable making the decision to get medical intervention but I still wait it out. This go round I’d been wheezing for weeks and using the rescue inhaler but when it got to the point where I was coughing non-stop and struggling to breathe, well, I went. I’ll tell you what though I can hardly wait to get the nebulizer because that will surely make a huge improvement and lessen my stress.

  37. Hope you are breathing easy now. About the photo, I’m thinking I ought to try throwing on some hair, although my granddaughter probably would pretend she didn’t know me when I come to collect her and friends from school.

  38. Oh my goodness Diane the last few words I wasn’t expecting😁 Awe, that’s called kicking a person when they’re down. My wig really made a difference because I toyed with the idea of wearing a ballcap but didn’t want to frighten the staff. 🤣

  39. Hi Oneta, I had to giggle as I was reading this because he’s used to seeing the “swamp thing.”😁 I’ve talked about my mother saying to me years ago that I should never leave the house without makeup. 🤣 To put this in context my mother was “always” made up and even now that she’s in a nursing home she must have her lipstick, foundation and wig. Me on the other hand, even though I enjoy dressing up, unless I have to be somewhere or take some pics for the blog I’m more comfortable being comfortable.

  40. You look gorgeous, Steph! I was in the hospital for ten days a few years ago after a blood clot and my hair was gross. Frizzy and roots growing out. Youngest was there visiting one day and he leaned in and whispered, mom, you really need to touch up your hair! 😀

  41. Glad you are better, Steph. It speaks very highly of you that your brother had to catch you in the hospital, in order to catch you “un-made.” He must be used to the stylish Steph we have loved. But stylish or not make the hospital no difference!

  42. Oh, they’re real priceless Jim🤣 And mine was almost giddy about what he’d done only I burst his bubble by my reaction. 😂

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