Virginia Maze | Blind Beauty 51

Blind Beauty 51 Virginia Maze description is in the body of the post.

Virginia Maze | Blind Beauty 51

“My vision has now progressed to the point where I am deemed legally blind due to no peripheral vision. And though it has been difficult adjusting to my ever-changing sight, I no longer view it as a curse.” 

~Virgina Maze

I crossed paths with Virginia Maze last year through her blog This Georgia Peach. Since we both live with sight loss I asked her to serve as a focus group member to provide feedback on Bold Blind Beauty. A short while later she was highlighted on Bold Blind Beauty as a WOTM (Woman On The Move).

When I met Virginia she was a wife, ASL (American Sign Language) teacher for high-school students, DIYer, and advocate. Today, she is a loving mom to an adorable 5-month-old baby girl.

Blind Beauty 51 Featured Image Description:

The image is a faux fashion magazine cover titled Blind Beauty. Virginia is on the cover at a strawberry picking farm. She is standing in a field of strawberries holding a bucket of the fruit. Virginia is casually dressed in blue jeans, navy ballet flats, and a navy & white striped long-sleeved, scoop neck tee.

Blocks of text superimposed on Virginia’s photo are: “Bold | She Keeps Pressing Onward,” “Blind | She Has Deeper Insight,” “Beautiful | She Sees To The Heart Of Others”

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