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Abby Takes On Underwear, Shapewear & Body Shapers

Abby is on the job sitting cross legged in her PJs (gray bottoms & white top with a gray collar) with a teal Abby logo laptop on her lap. Sporting her signature explosive hairstyle, she is wearing a headset with microphone and her white cane is propped up next to her.

“Sometimes when my underwear matches my outfit it makes me feel like I really have my life together.” ~Unknown

Underwear from panties, and bras to pantyhose, and more, there are many styles of shapewear to choose. What is shapewear, what does it do and how does it work?

Shapewear is underwear designed to temporarily alter the body to achieve a specific outcome. It’s like sculpting the body without a scalpel. Slimming the thighs, accentuating the waist, lifting the breasts, or sucking in the stomach, are typical areas to target.

Think of shapewear or any underwear for that matter, as the foundation to enhance your appearance in your clothing. Ill-fitting undergarments (shapewear included) can wreak havoc on that cute little number you just bought for the date of your dreams. Sagging or bagging in all the wrong areas does nothing to increase your self-confidence and can ruin the look you are aiming to achieve.

Some shapewear can be an exercise in frustration as putting it on is a workout. However, if you are going for a sleek, smooth appearance shapewear is a reasonable solution.

What Are the Different Types of Shapewear?

  • Body Shapers – body suit or slip that can extend to mid/lower-thigh to flatten, squeeze and support the body by redistributing the jiggle.
  • Bust Shapers – bodysuits or camisoles that shape, smooth, lift, and support.
  • Camisoles/Tanks – slim, smooth, and accentuate the waistline; some lift and support breasts.
  • Control Panties – slim, smooth and support the tummy and rear.
  • Control Pantyhose – slim, smooth and support the tummy, rear, and legs.
  • Leggings – as the name implies, smooths, shapes, and slims from the tummy on down.
  • Slips – focus is on the tummy/waistline, hips, and thighs.
  • Thigh Slimmers – flatten tummy, waistline, hips, and thighs; some are high-waist
  • Waist Cinchers/Trainers – slim the waist and tummy.

Over the years I’ve tried several types of shapewear and I have to say my favorite piece is the corset. Do you have a favorite? What are your thoughts on shapewear?

30 thoughts on “Abby Takes On Underwear, Shapewear & Body Shapers”

  1. Hahaha, yes, I have the same issue with tights but I wear them consistently in the winter. My muffin top has a muffin top and it’s one of the reasons winter is tolerable as it’s easier to strategically dress to hide it.

  2. I can’t wear shapewear, especially tights. By the time I have got one leg on, I am exhausted. I have started to buy clothes that disguise my little muffin top…🍥

  3. We all come in many unique shapes and sizes, and of course want to look our best and still feel comfortable in today’s fashions. Fortunately, today’s shapewear has come a long way since our grandmother’s girdle! New fashions, lifestyles, technology and innovative products call for a new way of looking at shapewear – enabling women of any size, shape or age to embrace our curves – helping us to feel good about ourselves, and for every occasion. When done right, what’s underneath can transform how we feel inside to how we look on the outside – boosting our sense of confidence, elegance and femininity.

  4. Oh shapewear can be very hilarious Oneta! I’ve fallen over, off the bed, almost injuring myself trying to fight my way into it but I really don’t wear it that often so it’s not so bad. I suppose one could get used to wearing them but not I.

  5. I’d need a buzz saw to take care of my jiggle but these days while I feel I could do better this isn’t on the top of my priority list. If shapewear could talk my would scream when I try to get into it. 😉 Happy Sunday to you as well 🙂

  6. YES!!! While I say “have at it” for those who prefer going under the knife, I have no reason to do likewise. Oh, and you’re welcome. A friend of mine was recently hacked and I was hoping that wasn’t your issue.

  7. This was so informative, Steph. I have to say that living out in the woods I rarely get out of my “woodswear.” Ha ha. But there are times when I want to wear a dress to the big city and this might come in handy. As I get older, the jiggle needs a little help! Happy Sunday, my friend. 😀

  8. I agree with above comments, shapewear tend to be constrictive. But I do wear them occasionally for that sleek and smooth appearance. “It’s like sculpting the body without a scalpel.” I certainly prefer them compared to going under the knife. 🙂

    Btw, thanks a lot for the message on FB. My server was indeed down. 🙁

  9. A large part of me is in your corner Kathy. I hate that we feel the need to appear a certain way that in turn causes such dissatisfaction and self-hatred. For me, I see societal standards as a baseline however I have a personal line I won’t cross.

  10. Oh my goodness yes. Especially when you going for a calm, cool, demeanor. When I think of all the times I was unconfortable with my underclothing like rolling pantyhose for example it just cracks me up.

  11. I only have the strength to wear them on extremely rare occasions because I almost feel like I can’t breathe when I’m wearing them. It really depends on my outfit and the looking I’m going for. Overall I’m far more comfortable not wearing shapewear.

  12. I’m sure there are many women who feel the same. I’d like to know how some women can wear shapewear everyday because I wouldn’t be able to. On the rare occasions I do wear it I’m so relieved when I take them off and allow my body to expand. They really aren’t the most comfortable pieces but I suppose we can be grateful that we don’t have to be trussed up like a turkey as in days gone by when they wore what seemed like a million layers.

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