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Shoe Lovin’ Saturdays

Serious Shoe Situation

Remember in my ‘Prologue’ how I said that I have a serious weakness for shoes, clothes, jewelry, hair and make-up? Well out of these five my love for shoes and jewelry are tied for first place however for the sake of this post, shoes undoubtedly are the winner!

My love affair with shoes began with The Wizard of Oz and Dorothy’s ruby slippers. Even though I never saw the movie in color for many years later, it didn’t matter to me because I adored the thought of ruby slippers. I remember pretending that my little patent leather shoes were ruby slippers and was seriously saddened when I clicked my heels and I wasn’t transported to another realm (disappointed sigh).

Fast forward several decades later (wow, this makes me feel so old) with the onset of stores like (Designer Shoe Warehouse) DSW, Famous Footwear, Shoe Carnival1, and the like, I’m totally addicted to shoes. It’s so hard for me to believe that I ever experienced a period in my life where I couldn’t afford more than one pair of shoes at a time. In retrospect I should have recognized the signs that I was in deep trouble when I would find myself, back when I was still driving, going to DSW almost every weekend and engineered the most remarkable justifications for my shoe fix. To some degree even my vision impairment has not lessened my addiction, in fact I dare say it’s worse because now I go online and shop to my heart’s content or till I empty my bank account. Add to it being a DSW Premier Rewards member and going through to earn some cold hard cash (entering into evidence exhibit 1: see scanned version of one of my checks below), I feel it’s my obligation to help our economy by making the occasional shoe purchase.

$19.55 Ebates Check Paid to Stephanae McCoy on 11/11/13
One of several checks I get from making online purchases through Ebates. The amount earned depends upon how much I spend.

As you may have gathered by now I kinda like shoes and I can blame it on the years of shoe deprivation but what would be the point? When a person would deliberately put themselves through dizziness, racing heart, sweating, trembling, and nausea just to order a pair of shoes you’d have to come to the conclusion that said individual is either insane or has a deep affection for the object of their desire. Currently I have quite the selection of footwear and I’m sharing this with you so that when you put your trust in me on this particular topic you can rest assured that you are in good hands. The pictures below are just a few of my treasures:

12 Pocket shoe organizer Hanging on the back of the bedroom door
Pocket Shoe Organizer
2 Vertical hanging cloth shoe organizers with board shelves
Vertical Hanging Shoe Organizers

Giving Back to the Community

One of the things that I think it’s important to mention here is that while I do have my weaknesses, twice a year I take an inventory of what I have and upon making new purchases I donate clothing and yes, even shoes, to the Vietnam Veterans of America, Goodwill, and Salvation Army. It’s just good citizenship to give back to the community and share your blessings with others. I thank God that in His mercy and grace, not so long ago I was the recipient of such blessings and now He has graced me with the ability to help others.

In ending today’s post I hope that I have convinced you that I am an authority on shoes and I will be updating you on my latest finds every Saturday.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.” ~ Miss Piggy, The Muppets

1Shoe Carnival History