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Choice On “How Do You Love YourSELF?”

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‘Choice’ A.K.A.’ Selective’ Is My Form Of Self-Love

The choice to record a video for Katherin’s “How Do You Love Yourself?” campaign caused me a brief panic attack. I grew up in an age where listening to my recorded voice was cringe-worthy. So imagine how it must feel to see and hear myself? Yikes! But I did it!

When you have a minute check the video out at KE Garland’s How Do You Love YourSELF link.    

Image Description: 

Panoramic watercolor cityscape in shades of blue and green. Reflections of the black buildings in the background are seen in the river. In the foreground is a black silhouette of a fashionable woman. She is holding her wide-brimmed hat as her dress blows in the wind.  Six red heart balloons (three on each side of her) appear to be floating in the air around her.

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Beauty Pageant Takes Step Towards Inclusion

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Inclusion In Action At A Beauty Pageant

I live for the day when we will no longer need titles like those on today’s post as inclusion should be the norm. Until then, breaking down barriers requires awareness.

Ashley Nemeth, friend and featured Woman On The Move was recently asked to be a judge for a beauty pageant. I was thrilled when I saw the article about Ashley because she is an advocate working tirelessly to break down barriers. For the first time pageant, organizers of the Mrs. Canada Globe 2018 asked a blind person to be a judge.

In her own words, Ashley talks about her experience as Blind Judge for Beauty Pageant. Way to go Ashley!!

Featured Photo Description: 

Lined up on stage are ten women, five are wearing evening gowns, pageant sashes, and crowns. Two of the five are holding red paper-wrapped floral bouquets. Ashley and Rick (her guide dog) are fourth from the left standing next to the two women holding bouquets.

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Pefectly Posh Product Review

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Perfectly Posh Product Challenge To Skincare Regimen

Blind Momma's Posh Pampering image show the four products described in the body of the post.So my good friend Holly Bonner from over at Blind Motherhood recently did a product review on Perfectly Posh. A quintessential New Yorker, Holly tells it like it is.

Always on the lookout for cruelty-free natural products I wanted to hear what Holly had to say about Perfectly Posh products. In typical Holly style, she’s upfront about her challenges to self-pampering. Being a mom to two little girls and a self-confessed non-girly girl, I was thinking Holly’s consultant would have her work cut out for her.

If you’re unfamiliar with Perfectly Posh Holly begins with a brief overview of the company along with product facts. A review on the four products follows.

As I don’t want to give away too much, where’s the fun in that? You can head on over to Holly’s place to check out what she has to say about Blind Momma’s Posh Pampering.

Product Review Image Descriptions:

  • Featured image is a photo of a woman with a face mask and two slices of cucumber on her eyes. Included with the photo are Blind Motherhood and Perfectly Post logos.
  • Blind Momma’s Posh Pampering image has the four products laid out on a counter.
    1. Perk Peppermint Skin Stick
    2. Lovely Pear Lip Scrub tube
    3. Toes Before Bros Foot Scrub packet
    4. You Apricaught Me Body Butter packet

Note: I am not being compensated for sharing this post.

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Mel Scott On Eyes-Free Fitness®

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How To Start Exercising With Eyes-Free Fitness®

Originally published on BlindAlive by Mel Scott. Mel is a regular featured guest and Woman On The Move.

Recently I attended The American Council of the Blind conference. I met so many people, and the same question came up over and over. They would ask, “I don’t exercise, but I know I should. Where should I start, and what should I do?”

This is a common problem in our community, mainly because the choices for well-described programs have been almost non-existent. I have made it my mission over the last two years to create choices for people at all fitness levels. It is crucial that we move our bodies regularly so we feel healthy.

Today I am going to discuss the absolute beginner. You should consult your medical team before you start any exercise program. With that said, the best places to start with the Eyes-Free Fitness® programs are as follows:

Eyes-Free Fitness® Starter Recommendations

  1. The Gentle Workout Set is the first of three options I recommend. The set has four short workouts and you can do them standing or in a chair. There is a section that requires standing next to a chair. These workouts introduce you to basic cardio and strength training moves. You can do a different one every day. A detailed description can be found at our site.
  2. Pilates Chair With Ring is another great place to start with. You use a chair for the entire workout and it works your whole body. It makes use of a Pilates ring, which is a springy ring with foam handles. The ring can be found at sporting goods stores or through this website, and you can learn more about the workout by visiting our site.
  3. Gentle Yoga For Beginners is where you want to start if yoga is your interest, and being on the floor is okay for you. The entire sequence is on the floor, so there are no standing poses. Once you are on the floor, you can stay there until the end. This flow is great for warming joints and talking you through basic breathing and foundation poses. This link will give you all the information you need to get started.

I think these three options are good places to start for those who have never exercised or who need to ease back into activity with Eyes-Free Fitness®. I suggest that you try these and then you can move to the Level One workouts. We will discuss these more in an upcoming post.

We want to support you in every way we can to feel better than you do now. You may contact us through our Facebook page, on Twitter, or on our BlindAlive Community on Facebook.