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Self-Care Sundays With Gabby

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Editor’s Note

Gabby Mendonca has been previously featured here on Bold Blind Beauty as both a Monthly Beauty and a Woman On The Move.

Self-Care Sundays With Gabby

by Gabby Mendonca

Hi Everyone. 

I know that we are still in the middle of a pandemic, and things are very stressful for all of us. So I wanted to make a list of things that you can all do right from home to practice self-care. 

  • If you are new to self-care the first thing you might want to try is doing a facial or enjoying a bubble bath. These 2 simple things will help you to release some stress.
  • Journaling is a great way to express your emotions. Whether it’s to talk about something good that happened that day, or if you just need a quick way to vent. 
  • I found that therapy is really useful. I started scheduling sessions with the counselor at my college because when things start to get a bit difficult with school, I can talk about it or I can talk about the great things that have happened. Self-care can be whatever you want it to be.

I hope that these tips can help you to create your self-care tool bag.

Happy Self-care Sunday.  🙂     

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The photo is of a woman with closed eyes sitting on a sofa with her hands crossed over her heart.

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Just See Me

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Editor’s Note:

Don’t you just love it when things seem to magically work out? I sure do. Last week I put out a message to our Bold Blind Beauty Facebook group asking them what type of content they’d like to see. One respondent said they’d like “to hear about more blind or disabled artists, musicians, writers, poets, etc.” So imagine my surprise when I happened upon this beautiful poem that talks about misconceptions and challenges us to be more empathetic? I’m seldom on Facebook which makes finding this gem all the more special. Thank you Suzanne for allowing Bold Blind Beauty to share your words. This one spoke to my heart and I hope many, many others will feel the same way. Enjoy! ~Steph

Just See Me

What do you see, hey what do you see?
What are you thinking when you’re looking at me?
A funny young woman who tries and tries.
Unsure of the dark, has a torch for eyes.
Who uses her cane from A to B,
And you say to her “It’s over there can’t you see?”
Who seems not to notice you right by her side,
Her peripheral vision has gone, her dog is her guide.
But how can she read that book on her lap?
She’s wearing dark glasses and is with a blind chap.
Her glasses are dark to help with the glare,
So please don’t think you need to stare.
But she seems to stare, as she tries to focus.
And she’s using her phone? What hocus pocus!
And as for texting her friend from Dover,
Did you know that she uses voice-over?
Go to your phone settings, click accessibility,
You’ll then see the aids she can use easily.
Is that what you’re thinking? Is that what you see?
Then open your eyes, you’re not looking at me.
I’m a kind loving person, who has learnt to adapt.
When in the past has felt so trapped.
Who can watch TV with audio description.
Her favourite comedy, laughter needs no prescription.
Who can do anything her heart desires.
She just does it differently, but she never tires.
She can no longer drive on a conventional road.
But don’t let that stop her, she’ll find a mode.
A blind driving place, see her little heart soar.
And watch her drive off in a 4×4!
So just stop and think, when you see her next time.
And wonder what obstacles she’s successfully climbed.
She’s stumbled and fallen, but got up and stayed.
When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.
So open your eyes hey, open and see.
Not a funny young woman, look closer just see me.

Suzanne Clarke, August 29th 2020

Connecting With Suzanne:

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An outstretched hand against a black background.

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Time To Blow It Out!

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How a new popular hair tool is positively influencing the way we view hair day!

Featuring Fashionably Tardy, Bold Blind Beauty Contributor

Our hair is one of the most important things to us. Some of us even spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect hairstyle. But with the world being in the midst of a pandemic, those hair goals we so desperately try to achieve have quickly gone down the drain. I know that the hair struggle is real for me, especially now that I’m doing my own hair and I’ve been trying to get a handle on how to best manage my head full of thick curls. I love all my natural hair divas, but y’all, I could not do it! So, I did my research and found a product that has really been doing wonders for my hair. And even though there are now some areas of the country that may be reopening, I know there are a lot of people who are not yet comfortable with going back to the hair salon. That’s why the hot brush is a perfect way to get hair salon looks without actually stepping into the building. I’m going to introduce you to a few different types that I promise you, you’ll want to implement into your at-home hair routine. 

What It Is

But first, let’s talk about what a hot brush even is. defines a hot brush as a tool that straightens hair using hot plates and bristles that glide through the dry hair strands to relax the molecular bonds that keep hair curly. It straightens hair and adds shine while maintaining volume.

Ok, so, we’ve got the definition down, now let’s get into how to use it. With any hot brush, you always want to make sure you let it heat up first. I don’t know about you but I’m quick to plug in and start using it. I learned that’s a no-no because you most likely will end up with sections of your hair that are straighter than others. Then you want to part your hair in sections so that it’s easy to brush through. I usually start from the back and work my way up.

According to, it’s best to use the hot brush only after your hair is 80% dry. This is something I myself will definitely be trying next time around because I usually blow-dry while wet. Next, you want to make sure you’re gently running the brush from the root to the ends of your hair. Then once you get to the ends, use the brush to roll your hair up to the root, hold for a few seconds, then gently pull down. Hot Air Styler, also suggest that you let the brush cool down before you pull down. This just means changing the settings to a cooler temperature before you release the hair.

Top-Selling Hot Brushes

So, now that we’ve educated ourselves more on the hot brush, let’s jump into some brushes that have gotten some great reviews. The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush is the top-selling hot brush on Amazon. It is the perfect way to detangle hair and help you achieve some cute hairstyles. It gets 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and only cost 50 dollars. I love this blow dryer because it’s so easy to use. All you have to do is plug it end and twist the bottom of the dryer. As you twist the bottom of the dryer, the more you turn it to the right, the hotter the blow dryer gets. I personally use the dryer to lightly blow out my hair. I then add some curling moisturizer and curl sections of my hair with flexy rods. I love this look because it always gives me the perfect wavy type curls.

Another Amazon favorite is the John Freda Hot Air Brush for short hair. This brush is super inexpensive, and you can order it online on Amazon or Walgreens has it online as well. It gets over 9,000  reviews on Amazon and get this, it’s only $39.99! This brush allows you to get much closer to your scalp because of it’s shorter bristles. Plus, the base is ceramic, so it’s a lot less heat on the hair. So, that’s the more affordable option, but if you don’t mind spending a little more money then the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush might be the way to go. This hot brush gives you a silky-smooth blow out due to its rotating brush that spins your hair around the frizz smoothing base. And the best part of this brush is that it’s meant to add lots of shine. You can find this gem on for 89.99 and I’m planning on trying this one out for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Revlon, but I have the Babyliss flat iron and I absolutely love it. So, I’m excited to try their hot brush and compare the two.        

I hope you all love these Style Me Up product recommendations as much as we do and we’re looking forward to you trying them out. If you do end up buying any of these hot brushes, let us know on social media @ftonthescene. We would love to see photos of your hair and feedback about how you liked these products. ~Natalie Trevonne

Natalie Trevonne is ½ of the Fashionably Tardy duo which is a podcast that’s available on most podcasting platforms. The podcast features her and her co-host Lissa Lo telling the amazing stories of some dope fashion creatives killing it in the game today. For more fashion and beauty tips, listen to Fashionably Tardy today!  

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  • In the header photo, Natalie is on a swing wearing a dark green sleeveless dress showing off her newly blown out hairstyle.
  • Is a stock image of the black and pink Revlon hot brush.
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50 is the New Fabulous NOT the New 40!

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50 is the New Fabulous NOT the New 40!

By Catherine Harrison, Bold Blind Beauty Contributor

An awkward silence hung like a heavy fog in the car when the Uber driver looked in his rearview mirror at the two of us in the back seat and asked my 25-year-old son, “Is this your wife?”  

My son was actually speechless and perhaps a little horrified…I was flattered, of course!  

He eventually managed to say in a slightly defensive voice, “She’s my Mom.”

He is the youngest of my 3 boys, which perhaps makes it even more unexpected. Being mistaken as a couple has happened to the two of us so many times over the past few years he has gotten used to it and now answers proudly, “No, this is my Mother.” Then we laugh about it.

I think this happens to us because we look a lot alike, we have a lot of fun together, we are often holding hands and he is very much a southern gentleman to me (opening doors, pulling out chairs, etc.) But it may have something to do with my attitude and approach to this second half of life. I am not trying to look like a 20-year-old or be young again…Lord knows I have already lived those years! I just want to be healthy, confident about my appearance, in my best shape, have a positive attitude, and live life to its fullest.  I refuse to become overweight, out of shape, and obsolete.

I am not one of those people who gets hung up on age or complains about getting older. I have too much to be grateful for. I believe there is so much life in each day that I don’t ‘want to miss any of it. I don’t think the adage “you only live once” is actually true.  I’m pretty sure you only die once, but you have to live every day!

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People often ask me how I stay young looking and energetic…it’s really not that hard, but some of you aren’t going to like my answers: 


#2 Change your lifestyle including:

  • eating habits (seriously eat less sugar and carbs)
  • increase your workout routine
  • have a consistently good skincare regimen
  • update your wardrobe (If you wore it 20 years ago let it go)
  • go to bed earlier/get up earlier and have some fun  

#3 Change your attitude about getting older

  • Hang around others who are positive and seize the second half of life as a chance to be your best, not just coasting into the golden years.
  • Stay productive & get creative; working, volunteering, etc. (turn off that dang tv) and learn new things. 
  • Take an online class, learn to surf, try indoor rock climbing, etc.  


(These are a few of the easy things you can do to get started, not an exclusive list)

My son gets a kick out of re-telling the stories of people asking if I am his date or his wife. I always wanted to be a “fun” Mom to my boys and they tell me I am.  

My 50’s have been about knowing who I am, what my dreams are, how I can help others, and still be the best at anything I set my mind to…regardless of the fact I am blind.

How you age is a choice…I choose fit and fabulous!

Connecting With Catherine:

About Catherine:

Catherine was diagnosed in 1995 with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), only weeks after returning from serving for two years on the mission field in Nigeria, Africa. She has been a national public speaker and article writer for several magazines, sharing her story of learning to walk with strength and faith behind a white cane.

Catherine holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Baylor University and had a wonderful career as an operating room nurse. She is a former ballerina and studied dance at Julliard’s School of American Ballet in New York. She is currently a professional commercial print and fitness model with Grogan Management-Dallas and We Speak-New York. She is the proud mother of 3 grown sons and wife of Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Craig Harrison. Catherine serves on several non-profit boards and regularly volunteers in her local community.

Her mission is not only to successfully work as a model, who happens to have a visual impairment but also to empower women of all ages to step into their strength, regardless of their circumstances, with poise and courage.  

Image Descriptions:

  • The header image is a black and white photo of Catherine posing in a black bikini on a beach. In the background, waves can be seen lapping the shore.
  • Catherine is a vision standing between her three sons wearing a pink midi satin cocktail slip dress.