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Throat Chakra The Master Translater

Reiki practitioner standing and healing throat chakra to a young caucasian woman lying with her eyes closed.

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Blue stones of the throat chakra with Dusty Miller on a black background.

Your birthright in the throat chakra is to speak and be heard. This is the center of your expression and manifestations. If you are exhibiting any of the following then your throat chakra needs to be balanced:

  • Chronic cough or clearing of throat
  • Thyroid problems
  • TMJ
  • Tight neck and trapps
  • Addictions
  • Lying and gossiping 
  • Over critical 
  • Infidelity
  • Shy
  • Afraid of being ridiculed/offending someone
  • Fear of public speaking

“Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use your power of your word in the direction of truth and love.”

~Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements

For me personally, I know when my throat chakra is not balanced when I interrupt people talking to me. This stems from my abusive past as a child and feeling I was never heard. To release this excessive energy in my throat, I go scream into a pillow, I hum a lot and I tend to make dramatic noises when I run into something I did not see.   

Throat chakra is your master translator. Language is vibrational. If we cannot vibrate and feel that resonance in our throat, then we cannot communicate. Try to be still and listen to the silent rhythm coursing through your throat. Fill up with your own truth and values and begin to communicate whatever you are wanting to manifest. It is really that easy. This will armor you from lies and judgements against you from others.

Your throat chakra is the gateway from your mind to your body. Open that gateway through meditation, mindful eating, singing, dancing, journaling, and using your words wisely.

  • Are you breathing through your emotions?
  • Are you listening to your body?
  • Are you listening to others?
  • Are you manipulative in the words you use?
  • Are you honest about your mistakes and do you openly admit your mistakes and wrongdoings before others?
  • Do you say little lies or unnecessary exaggerations?
  • Do you easily and freely express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions? 

I challenge you to take your power back! Call me to help you better understand your chakras at 402-980-9980.

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Author Bio

A headshot of Teresa Gregg who is smiling while her long brunette hair cascading over the shoulders of her hunter green top.
Teresa Gregg

Teresa Gregg, Lumine Your Way CEO/Founder

My name is Teresa Gregg. I am a mom of two adult children and a grandma of four grandchildren. 

I was born with congenital glaucoma and uveitis. In 1993 I had my left eye removed due to glaucoma and in 2013 my right eye also. After that surgery I fell into depression then eventually became tired of living in victim mode. 

I am a Certified Transformational Life Coach with the certifications to assess/debrief with the Energy Leadership Index and Emotional Intelligence 2.0. In 2017 I won the Hadley School for the Blind Forsythe Center for Employment and Entrepreneurship Program Grant to start my own coaching practice.

It is my vision to offer endless positive possibilities for a heart-centered energetic passion-driven lifestyle. Working with families who have children with disabilities and being a liaison between the family and their IEP team is rewarding. Partnering with schools for the blind in workshops regarding social interactions, recreation and leisure, self-advocacy, self-determination, Human Growth Development, and Sexual Education is a passion for me. Helping others understand their sexuality and social and emotional skill sets is the best gift I can offer those with a visual impairment.

Image Descriptions:

  • Reiki practitioner standing and healing throat chakra to a young caucasian woman lying with her eyes closed.
  • Blue stones of the throat chakra with Dusty Miller on a black background.

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