This Dazzling Dame Needs A Name

She’s Confident, She’s Unstoppable

This reverse of the original image of the icon has on a black dress, she is carrying her shopping bag in her right hand and has her cane in her left hand.
The Woman on the Move

I’ve received great feedback on my new icon created specifically for my blog and I was thinking, once again, that she needs a name representative of ‘when we focus on abilities anything is possible.’ So once again, I’m reaching out to this community for your suggestions on a name that embraces all that is mentioned in this lovely Facebook post that I just had to share with you:

“I continue to be amazed and inspired by the visually impaired community with whom I’m blessed to know – my kindred spirits!

My newest friend, Stephanae McCoy, invited someone from our creative community to assist in creating a new icon. WOW, together Stephanae & Jennifer Barrile [an artist, illustrator & muralist] reinvented the traditional icon, designing a beautiful image that evokes power, movement, independence, chicness, confidence and success!
“She (the woman on the move) is stepping forward with purpose.” -Stephanae McCoy

I am thrilled by the intentional commitment made to create awareness and help to shift stereotypes, held by society, about blindness.

Thank YOU, Stephanae McCoy & Jennifer!💕”

Thank you Kimberly White for the shout out and to my faithful community please let me know your thoughts on a name for “the woman on the move.” ~Steph


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👩🏾‍🦯 | INTJ | HSP | Collector of knowledge | Alpaca Fanatic “If I stop to kick every barking dog, I am not going to get where I'm going.” ~Jackie Joyner-Kersee Hi, I'm Steph! I'm a highly sensitive proud introvert and a recovering people-pleaser. These traits or quirks used to bother me because I always felt out of place until I began a recent process of self-acceptance. While I'm still a work in progress, I view my quirks as my superpowers and am grateful that they contribute to who I am today.

36 thoughts on “This Dazzling Dame Needs A Name

  1. If you (or any other Supernatural fans) ever want to chat off-line about it just shoot me an email at my address listed on my sites. LinkedIn (like WordPress) seems to have fooled around with their software but be advised I did try to send you an invite to connect there as well.

  2. “The Angels are coming” thanks for this Bruce I will make my way through the seasons. This really is a good show and I like the mystery behind the yet to be fully revealed storyline, it keeps me guessing.

  3. Hey Steph, so glad you gave Supernatural a shot and I hope you spread the word! It really starts to take off right about “now” based on your timeline of watching and the show in Seasons 3, 4 and especially in 5 really hits the high notes of entertaining individual and season-long story lines…and brotherly love and relationship-testing, In fact, there was a great deal of uncertainty about Season 5 possibly being their last so they really poured a lot of effort into making that Season in particular extra-special. They reach back for a lot of urban legends known to all as well as unearthing some lesser-known ones…and the Angels are coming!!!

  4. Hey Bruce, I forgot to tell you that over the Thanksgiving weekend I binge watched season 1 and part of season 2 of Supernatural. I think I might have mentioned that I try to steer clear of this type of genre in movies and tv (mainly because I’m a chicken) I found myself getting caught up in the storyline. I like the brother’s chemistry and their easy humor. Also, when they take on those scary things from childhood like ‘the monster in the closet, bloody Mary or creepy clowns’ it actually makes me smile in remembrance and I’m looking forward to see if the Bogeyman makes an appearance.

  5. Yeah, for some crazy reason I thought I was beyond burn out but apparently I’m not. Wow two years? I’ve only been at this for two years so to some degree it still feels relatively new. It’s so good to hear that you had a great Thanksgiving. I was so happy that my youngest son was able to make it in for Thanksgiving from Denver (where he’s working) and hopefully if all goes well he’ll be back for Christmas as well. I’m taking the weekend to catch up on blog visitations and you are on my list. Have a awesome and hopefully not too cold, weekend.

  6. Glad to hear all is well at your end. I know the feeling all too well about taking a break because I took like a two year long one at one time. Family had a great Thanksgiving, hope yours did also…and have a great weekend!

  7. Hi Bruce, thank you for checking. I’m still alive and kicking. Just needed to take a computer break. Everything is going well and I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things early in the week. How are things with you? I hope you and your family had a real nice Thanksgiving.

  8. Good luck with the naming process.. I couldn’t even begin to imagine a name for the lady who represents all the bold, blind beauties. A tough one! Thank you for the lovely mention, Kimberly! Thanks Stephanae!

  9. That’s a great icon. I’ve been trying to think of a suitable name, but not coming up with anything worthy. I actually quite like Stepney or Stepnie because she was stepping out confidently, but when I checked a website it said this was a rare boy’s name. (I know a lot of boy’s names do end up as girl’s names, but even so…) Anyway, I’m sure someone will come up with the perfect name to match such a great icon.

  10. Hi Jenelle, Thank you for stopping by. Keep them coming, I like. One of my FB friends suggested Abigail and this is what she had to say about the name: “A play on Abilities, and Nightingale (the small bird that’s known for its beautiful song) – since it looks like she is wearing a divine feather dress”

  11. Ooh – I like Iris About! I also saw that someone said Sassy, which immediately came to mind. Another name that comes to mind is “Grace”. Maybe “Sassy Grace” or “Grace on the Move” or “Grace on the Go” I’ll keep brainstorming, but for now, I am nominating, “Sassy Grace on the Go”


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