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This Dazzling Dame Needs A Name

She’s Confident, She’s Unstoppable

This reverse of the original image of the icon has on a black dress, she is carrying her shopping bag in her right hand and has her cane in her left hand.

The Woman on the Move

I’ve received great feedback on my new icon created specifically for my blog and I was thinking, once again, that she needs a name representative of ‘when we focus on abilities anything is possible.’ So once again, I’m reaching out to this community for your suggestions on a name that embraces all that is mentioned in this lovely Facebook post that I just had to share with you:

“I continue to be amazed and inspired by the visually impaired community with whom I’m blessed to know – my kindred spirits!

My newest friend, Stephanae McCoy, invited someone from our creative community to assist in creating a new icon. WOW, together Stephanae & Jennifer Barrile [an artist, illustrator & muralist] reinvented the traditional icon, designing a beautiful image that evokes power, movement, independence, chicness, confidence and success!
“She (the woman on the move) is stepping forward with purpose.” -Stephanae McCoy

I am thrilled by the intentional commitment made to create awareness and help to shift stereotypes, held by society, about blindness.

Thank YOU, Stephanae McCoy & Jennifer!💕”

Thank you Kimberly White for the shout out and to my faithful community please let me know your thoughts on a name for “the woman on the move.” ~Steph



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