The Sweet Results Of No Sugar

Parting Really Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Collage including a photo of my face, Paula's Choice Clear Regular Strength kit, BareMinerals BareSkin Makeup.For the first couple of hours during a brand new day I would be alright and then like clockwork it would begin with a slight twinge. If I made it through the day without feeding the hunger, by evening I was ravenous. Unfortunately it was one of those types of yearnings that wouldn’t go away until it was fed but the funny thing was the more I had the more I wanted.

You know you have a problem when you feel the need to hide your consumption level. Silly things like planning how, when, and where to make a purchase or being ashamed to ask someone to buy it for you are constant thoughts.

Something had to give. Tapering off was not an option, so a couple of months ago I totally gave up sugar. I began drinking more water and eating more fruits—a much needed replacement to get me through the rough patches.

Among other things, acne is one of the negative consequences of indulging in poor eating habits and I needed a remedy. Since I’ve used Paula’s Choice skincare line for a couple of years now, I thought I’d try the sample Clear Regular Strength kit to see if it would improve my skin. Within two days my face cleared up and my skin felt smoother and softer.

I’m often asked how I apply my makeup when I cannot see well and the answer is two-fold: I’ve had many years experience prior to sight loss and I learned new application techniques. Many women who can’t see wear cosmetics and wear them extremely well. The lack of sight has little to do with being adept at makeup application or many other things for that matter.

As my skin began feeling and looking better I wanted to try a new foundation and settled on Bare Minerals BareSkin liquid makeup. While I’ve had great results in the past with Bare Minerals powder and their Buxom liquid foundations I did not achieve good results with this particular formula because my face looked and felt greasy. So for now it’s back to the drawing board but rest assured when I find a foundation that works I’ll let you know.

On my sugar addiction, the struggle is real. Yet this is longest I’ve gone without it and the only thing I can do is take it day by day. Thinking beyond today is a sure recipe for disaster.

Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Thank you. It’s still a daily struggle and while I haven’t had any candy (this is where my addiction is strongest) I’ve eaten some cookies. I wish so badly I could control my total consumption of sugar to totally eliminate it.

  2. Great job! It is amazing how different you feel without the processed sugars! The recommended daily allowance for sugar is 6 teaspoons/day for women and 9 tsp/day for men! In America we are going so far over that. It is estimated that children consume over 7 times the daily amount! It is amazing! I am impressed! Good job!

  3. Hahaha!!! See I’d do the same thing. I can’t keep any sweets here except for when my grandson stays over during the weekend. When he leaves the sweets leave with him.

  4. Follow my example, Steph. Empty pantry and fridge. No choices apart from figs and brazil nuts and some very dark chocolate. Having said that, I ate a whole packet of cookies (reduced to $2) a few days ago…

  5. Yeah I’m with you on the hot drinks but my one guilty pleasure is hot apple cider. I don’t add sugar because it’s not necessary but it’s sooooo good. And you’re right in small amounts sugar isn’t too bad but for someone like me I just can’t stop at just a small amount.

  6. It is tougher than giving up smoking and I did it over 30 years ago. Mind you, I don’t think sugar is so bad for you in small amounts. Over years of dieting, I can no longer tolerate sugar in hot drinks.

  7. You look great and I wish I could give up sugar. I have combination skin so Laura Mercier’s oil free tinted moisturizer works for me.

  8. None of the ones I drink have artificial sweetener. They are just flavor and seltzer water. They aren’t the greatest, but they keep me on track.

  9. I’m so hoping I can get to that point. It’s probably more of a mental thing since it’s been a couple of months but I will on occasion dream about cookies or candy. I’m trying to find a flavored carbonated water minus artificial sweetener but so far have come up empty.

  10. Good for you! I use to have one diet soda every day with my lunch. Now I drink flavored seltzer water. It’s actually not too bad. I have found since I cut out artificial sweeteners, I don’t crave sweets like I use too.

  11. I hear you Jackie. It’s been with me for most of my adult life and would get so bad that I actually substituted food for sugar. The mental affects of having it is immediate but afterwards it feels almost like a hangover. We really need a cure.

  12. Definitely! During the day I try to refocus my attention and I don’t keep any sweets in my home with the exception of the fruits I mentioned. I’ll tell you what though, if someone could invent an antidote to sugar addiction they’d become one wealthy individual.

  13. Yeah, and ever since some of the negative news on aspartame years ago I did away with diet soda (we call it pop in Pittsburgh🙂) as well. Then I told myself that actual sugar was better🤔 go figure. It got to the point the artificial sweeteners I tried tasted sweeter to me😝. This is so hard but I know it’s about choices and making better ones so hopefully I can keep this going.

  14. I’m glad to hear you are doing well. Fluctuating vision is so frustrating and at times very scary. I’ll keep him in prayer that things will stabilize.

  15. In many ways very well. I have had some really nice experiences lately. I am so thankful.

    My husband has had some new experiences where he couldn’t see at all, but only lasted a few hours at a time. He is trying to cope , but it is hard.

  16. Personally, for now, I describe my diet as organically groovy with some junk food thrown in 🙂 I feel that attitude it the most important and I’m trained in nutrition and 15 other mind/body/spirit therapies. Our emotions affect our body and health as well, so feeling good about what you are eating is important. So I recommend that people don’t become food nazi’s, rather just move toward healthier choices for the most part but still allow yourself some detours at times 🙂

  17. Thanks for the tips Katelon. I’ve been taking baby steps because every time I’ve tried to go all in I fail. Even though I had to go cold turkey with the sugar I will have to gradually taper off some of the other unhealthy choices like potato chips, pretzels, etc. and add in some of the things you mention here.

  18. Thank you so much! I hate being so shackled to a toxic substance. While we always knew too much sugar wasn’t good for us, with it now being equated to poison, it really bothers me that my body feels it needs it.

  19. Thank you Theresa. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the sugar bit because I know the holidays will be especially challenging. Most days I don’t remember my dreams but lately I’ve been dreaming about Christmas cookies and some of my favorite candy. It’s been awhile since we last spoke, how are you doing?

  20. I like sugar, too. If you make sure you get plenty of healthy fats and support your liver, it will assist in cutting down sugar cravings. Plus, getting good protein as well.

  21. Good for you for giving up sugar! I’ve tried to cut back, but it’s really hard. Lucky for me it has never shown up on my skin. Your make up looks marvelous!

  22. Thanks Mihran! Over the past few years there’s been quite a bit of talk on how toxic sugar is to our systems yet it is in just about everything we eat.

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