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The Postman Always…

Comes When I’m Eating Lunch

"Hey I'm Walkin' Here!"

“Hey I’m Walkin’ Here!”

It takes very little to get me excited: from a bag of Jolly Ranchers (hard candy), popcorn or pretzels; a new episode of The Walking Dead, a new pair of shoes to getting a package in the mail, I just go bonkers. So when I’m working on a big project and I can see that it’s beginning to come to life I’m just beside myself.

Take today for example, I was just about to sit down to eat lunch when I heard the mailman enter the building. I’m thinking to myself “if only I hear him come up the stairs I know it’ll be to deliver my package.” All thoughts of eating went out the window as I waited anxiously for him to finish with the mail so I could grab my box. When I finally heard him leave and all was quiet I opened my door and there it was…a perfectly little square box from my online boutique, Abigail Style.

I could barely contain myself as I cut the shipping tape then opened the box to reveal my first mug. Ooooweeeee!! It wouldn’t be fair to keep this to myself so to give you all a sneak peek I’ve included a picture of the white mug.

Abigail, the beautifully stylish white cane icon that evokes power, independence, and confidence, is positioned in the front and to the left of the handle when holding the mug in your right hand facing towards you. Directly under her is the slogan: “Hey I’m Walkin’ Here!”

Mugs are one of several Abigail Style products that will be available for purchase by the end of March. All products contain an image of Abigail and a witty slogan.

Flashback on Friendships

If I thought today was the bees knees then last week was magnificent! It began with an email from one of my fellow blogger friends, Bruce, who volunteered his services to proofread the text on Abigail Style. Since the offer came out of nowhere it was a very pleasant surprise and one I accepted to ensure that grammar, punctuation and all that jazz is up to snuff.

Next up was another offer for marketing assistance from Greg, a friend of my son, Devon. This young man is excited about the opportunity to take Abigail mainstream. Then there was NOLA. NOLA on the Square isn’t a person but a New Orléans themed brasserie in the heart of Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh.

After being scooped up by my good friend Margie, we headed to NOLA to meet up with some friends with whom we used to work. There was Laura, Kelly, Noemi, Jonathan, Greg, Steve, and Rick. We had such a great time catching up with one another and though Margie and I haven’t worked with these folks for almost three years it was if no time at all had passed.

So anyway as I was saying, last week was fabulous from beginning to end. When asked the inevitable question, “so what have you been up to lately?” I was able to show off my snazzy online boutique.

To say that I’m nervous about launching this store with related marketing campaigns would be a HUMONGOUS understatementI’m scared to death. However when I talked about my fears with two of my friends they reminded me of other successes where as a team, we raised over $10,000 for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. The message was loud and clear—I got this!

Working with all these amazingly talented individuals mentioned in today’s post who out of the kindness of their hearts offered to help me because they believe in my vision is such a tremendous honor. I can’t help the excitement I feel as we move forward because though Abigail Style is my vision I have all of these people pulling for me and that is what keeps me going.

So I want to thank you Bruce, Greg, Margie, Laura, Kelly, Noemi, Jonathan, Greg, Steve, and Rick for all you do and have done for me. You guys are the bestest!!!





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