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The Guide Dog Memos: Rick

A New Series of Inspiration

Hi Everyone,

Rick is a sweet yellow lab sitting with his harness on looking directly into the camera.Earlier this year I began a series of memes from quotes/phrases of blind women designed to share the reality of what it’s like living with sight loss—the good, the bad & the ugly—as well as building awareness, empowerment and inspiration. Then the other day I thought hmmmm, we haven’t yet heard from the fabulous guide dogs who work so hard to give independence to their handlers. So I put some feelers out and in turn am receiving their thoughtful input.

“We are not an exhibit, my mom and I are living our lives, and I am helping make that possible. Please respect our privacy and the harness.” ~Rick Nemeth,

Ashley&Rick Waiting for the bus Ashley&Rick Yes I am the cutest dog ever

Quoted text is white on a solid black background and to the right of a picture of Rick, the guide dog, in his harness.

Photos of Rick courtesy of Ashley Nemeth author of

You can connect with Rick on his Instagram account at ashleyandguiderick

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