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The Guide Dog Memos: Unity

Service & Empowerment At Its Finest

Facebook Unity 6.9.16The relationship of a great guide dog team is a sight to behold. With the handler as the pilot and guide dog as co-pilot working in unison, their bond can only be described as a rhythmic dance. Today we hear from Unity, a beautiful golden labrador, retriever cross.

My role is to help my mum, Emily, be independent and mobile. I travel with my mum to many different places and I am to be permitted into all public places as I am a guide dog. Us guide dogs play vital roles in giving our humans their freedom and autonomy.” ~Unity #guidedogmemos #independence #blindness

Image: Quoted text is white against a transparent teal background overlaying a photo of Unity’s mum, Emily Davison, sitting in the grass hugging Unity.

Photograph courtesy of Emily Davison. To connect with Emily here are social media links:


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