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The Guide Dog Memos: Unity

Service & Empowerment At Its Finest

Facebook Unity 6.9.16The relationship of a great guide dog team is a sight to behold. With the handler as the pilot and guide dog as co-pilot working in unison, their bond can only be described as a rhythmic dance. Today we hear from Unity, a beautiful golden labrador, retriever cross.

My role is to help my mum, Emily, be independent and mobile. I travel with my mum to many different places and I am to be permitted into all public places as I am a guide dog. Us guide dogs play vital roles in giving our humans their freedom and autonomy.” ~Unity #guidedogmemos #independence #blindness

Image: Quoted text is white against a transparent teal background overlaying a photo of Unity’s mum, Emily Davison, sitting in the grass hugging Unity.

Photograph courtesy of Emily Davison. To connect with Emily here are social media links:

7 thoughts on “The Guide Dog Memos: Unity”

  1. The guide dogs I’ve been around (at some distance, I must admit), have always been impeccably behaved! I think they’re wonderful. 🙂

  2. They really are the best and I can’t help but wonder how people who claim their pet dogs as service animals get away with it especially if the dog is out of control. Guide dogs are so thoroughly trained it would be odd to hear them back. I’ve been around quite a number of them over the past 5 or 6 years and in all that time there was only one incident where the dog made a soft barking noise and I think it was because another dog did something to him.

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