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The Guide Dog Memos: Georgie

When Plans Go Astray—Roll With It!

Facebook Georgie & Becky 6.3.16So today I planned to publish the following post this morning but my youngest son came in for a surprise visit from out-of-state. He’s been gone for a couple of months doing commercial roofing in Texas and Arizona so I was thrilled to see him.

We scooped up my grandson, went to lunch and then hung out for a bit—not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon. But I’m back home now, got my head in the game and want to share some wise words from, Georgie, today’s feature guide dog.

I am such a happy dog. I love living a balanced life of both work and play. When the harness comes out, I come running; excited to serve and help Becky. This work of serving and helping gives my life such meaning and purpose. When I am home and other times, the harness is off and I love to hike, run and play. Georgie (Guide to Becky Andrews)

Image: Photos & text are arranged in a 6 panel collage. Quoted text is white in 3 teal squares. Photos 1) top left – Georgie laying on her back with a toy in her mouth; 2) top right – Georgie sitting playing tug of war with toy rings; 3) bottom center – Georgie in her harness sitting next to her handler, Becky.

Photographs courtesy of Becky Andrews.

Have a great weekend everyone!! Steph


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