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The Flourishing Voice Of The Blind Community Impacts Culture

5 Things the Online Community Taught Us About Blindness

Image a bright blue sky with a white cloud and the sun. Poem is at the bottom of the post.

Requiem For A Rainbow ~Rick Fontes

Losing eyesight sucks bigtime! Shame, fear and helplessness threatens our well-being. The word ‘blind’ alone conjures up visions, of living an unfulfilling, lonely life in darkness but those of us experiencing sight loss come to understand this is not entirely true.

While learning to adapt can be challenging we are moving upward, our combined voices are being heard, and we are changing societal presumptions on blindness. The article below celebrates two of those voices. ~Steph

So much has transpired in the last 5 years of blogging together.  Our perspectives have shifted dramatically.  If you look at one of our very first posts, “To Tell or Not to Tell”, about whether to disclose our vision loss in public, to more recent posts about guide dogs and canes, the shift is obvious.  But it didn’t happen overnight.  And it didn’t happen without a lot of input and support from friends we met in the online community. Continue Reading…

request from the newly blind
Walk with me awhile.
Be at my side, a steadying hand.
A whispered voice should I stray.
Don’t lift my burden, I must learn its weight.
Merely bide with me awhile
‘Til god compensates my sight.
~Rick Fontes


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