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To All Of My Followers:

Multi colored abstract background with Abigail with her white cane in the foreground.

Thank you for supporting the Bold Blind Beauty commUNITY! It’s because of you that we’ve reached 75,000 visits. Woo Hoo!!


29 thoughts on “THANK YOU 75,000 TIMES”

  1. Gee, I sure hope so😜. But seriously it’s so surreal because I set these goals and when I meet and exceed them it’s a great feeling. Thanks Paul😊

  2. I know it’s tough remaining focused on the good. When I find myself getting off track (it happens too often) I remind myself to refocus. Easier said than done, I know but we’re only human.

  3. Hi George, thank you!! And thank you for your friendship as well. When I first met you I wanted to learn more about MS and in the process learned that many of the sight related topics I cover you understand by virtue of your previous profession.

    Also, it’s such a pleasure to get a glimpse of the genuine love and respect you and Sandy share. Thank you!!

  4. Congratulations Steph! I don’t always have time to read all your great posts but I applaud you in your fine work of raising awareness and dispelling myths about blindness (and providing awesome fashion tips). You and others you feature on your blog are a real inspiration. Cheers, Caroline

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