Gail Hildebrandt Perry

You are a pleasure to follow, and refreshing positive messages go a long way!

We can’t ever see too much of that! I feel like we are in the middle of a huge revelation where blind and visually impaired persons are concerned. It is so important to keep a positive momentum going. Your website and many like yours are a rare find.

Published by Stephanae

👩🏾‍🦯 | INTJ | HSP | Collector of knowledge | Alpaca Fanatic “If I stop to kick every barking dog, I am not going to get where I'm going.” ~Jackie Joyner-Kersee Hi, I'm Steph! I'm a highly sensitive proud introvert and a recovering people-pleaser. These traits or quirks used to bother me because I always felt out of place until I began a recent process of self-acceptance. While I'm still a work in progress, I view my quirks as my superpowers and am grateful that they contribute to who I am today.


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