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A Lil’ Inspiration #10 Mel

A Matter Of Choice

Facebook Mel 2.3.16Today’s quote is an important reminder on perspective. I have a friend who’s endured one critical issue after another since the beginning of the year.

With the loss of two pets, several medical procedures, constant pain, family illnesses, adverse reactions to medications, and two heart-rending diagnoses within the last week, my friend has had her share of tough times. If all of this weren’t enough—having lost her eyesight several years ago due to life-saving cancer treatments—she holds on with two toddlers in tow and all while working.

There is no doubt that being blind has huge challenges but we do have control over how we choose to think about our circumstances. ~Mel Scott | BlindAlive

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I know if she had her choice my friend would opt for a much-needed break because she said as much in a recent Facebook post. While my heart breaks for her I see someone who has refused to let these tough life’s situations defeat her and she has done so with honesty, grace, strength, and a remarkable sense of humor.

While it’s true that things are easier said that done I want my friend to remember that she is a fighter, she’s not alone and she is still STANDING! I love you girl!


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A Lil’ Inspiration #5

Being Thankful

Facebook Joy 3.1.16Happy Friday Everyone!! Just a little reminder today to be thankful for the little things in life.

“Regardless of where your vision is at today, find a good catch in your life – something small that makes you feel proud and thankful. And smile about it.” ~Joy Thomas | Double Vision Blog

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A Lil’ Inspiration #4 Jill

The Power of Words

Instagram Jill 3.5.16Today’s Words of Wisdom come from Woman on the Move, Jill Khoury. The first time I saw this quote back in 2014 the words struck me with such a powerful blow I had to reflect on my use of not only this particular word but on other words that can influence how we as a society might view any given situation.

There is a challenge in conquering stigmas but if we begin to pay close attention to what we are saying and how we are saying it, this will bring us closer to victory!!  I posted this quote to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on Saturday and it’s become so popular that I had to share it here as well.

Following is a Facebook comment from Jill posted yesterday and immediately following her comment is the quoted text and image description:

Stephanae McCoy is a blind blogger and fashionista turned community organizer. She raises awareness of blindness issues by profiling many talented, expressive women in her “Women on the Move” series. I am humbled by her generous heart and her take-charge spirit. She’s helped me realize the beauty in myself, and put me in touch with other blind women–these gifts are beyond valuable. Steph has featured my words a few times on her site, but I have to say: this is my favorite quote! Words have energy. Words have power. Let’s use them in a smart way.

“When you use a phrase like, “blindly accept,” “go blindly into X situation,” “blindly take him at his word,” the adverb you are actually searching for is IGNORANTLY or “without forethought.” When you use the word blind or blindly in this way, you are equating blindness to ignorance.” ~Jill Khoury, Poet

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Thank you Jill for your deep insight and very kind words. ~Steph