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Sandals, Sunnies & Sensational Bags

Anxiously Anticipating

Essie Nail Polishes from Monday’s Post Lovely Lustrous Lacquers

I knew what it was even before I heard the tap at the door. The exterior door opening and closing was my first clue. Mollie, my fur kid, going into attack mode, was the second indicator.

That was fast!! It was only Monday when I ordered my Essie nail colors for my upcoming mani/pedi and they’re HERE! I’m so excited!!

So the delivery driver does his polite tap, tap on my door then I hear the sound of something being left on the threshold. I wait a minute or two until I know for sure that my hallway is empty then I open the door and there on the floor is a rather sizable box.

I bring the box inside, unpack it (loads of filler paper), get to the bottom and no nail polish. “That’s strange” I think to myself “where could it be?” I look at the paper in my hand, unraveling it to reveal my 3 bottles of polish. Since I was able to choose three samples with my order, I look through more of the paper and find those as well.

Meika - Sole Society
Meika | Sole Society
Baheeti - Lucky Brand
Baheeti | Lucky Brand
Joesy - Sole Society
Joesy | Sole Society

It won’t be long now till I go to the salon to get my nails and eyebrows done. Then, if the weatherman was telling the truth, I’ll finally be able to wear some of my sandals and lighter clothing.

Since I still have several pairs of sandals that I didn’t get to wear last year I will not be buying any new ones with the exception of one pair of wedges. But just because I’m not buying doesn’t mean I can’t scour the internet to talk about some of the current trends and my favorites.

Hitting Your Stride

Aside from wedges, and lace up sandals the other type that I like this season are the stacked block heels. As a lover of high heels I freely admit that sometimes, depending on the make of the shoe, it can be challenging to hit my stride. If I can’t walk normally in a pair of heels I immediately nix them and go for a different pair.

One of my personal pet peeves used to be seeing women struggling to walk in their heels with their shoulders slumped, trudging, teetering, or walking as if their feet were aching. Confidence killers are these methods of walking, and in my opinion it would be better to wear a comfortable pair of kitten heels or sexy flats if higher heels are disagreeable. Which leads me to why I like wedges and block heels.

Straw Studios Structured Dome Straw Tote
Straw Studios Structured Dome Straw Tote
Mar Y Sol Juliette Circle Tote
Mar Y Sol Juliette Circle Tote | Gilt
Banana Republic Woven Straw Tote  - Multi stripe
Banana Republic Woven Straw Tote

Because there is a greater coverage or support of the heel itself in a wedge or block heel, body weight is distributed more evenly making it easier to walk. This doesn’t mean that all wedges or block heels are comfortable, again, it depends on several factors like heel height, brand, and the way the shoe is made. For example I had these fabulous wedge espadrilles that tied around the ankle and lower part of my leg. The actual shoe felt good but ribbon tie was agonizing.

Some of the other trends in sandals are metallics, jeweled, buckles, fringes, and once again gladiators abound. I was looking for a pair of lace ups earlier in the year but couldn’t find any that appealed to me so I’ve given up and decided instead to go with a pair of wedges.

Protect Those Peepers

Fun is the word that comes to mind for spring and summer sunglasses. Frames are round, thick, animal print, big, and cat eye. Though I’ve said before, and still maintain, I will not spend serious money for sunnies. When I was looking for some for today’s post I kept them under $50 and honestly I wouldn’t even pay that much.

nicole by Nicole Miller Innocent Round Sunglasses
nicole by Nicole Miller Innocent Round Sunglasses | JC Penney
ELOQUII Cat Eye Frame Sunglasses
ELOQUII Cat Eye Frame Sunglasses
Abercrombie & Fitch Round Vintage Sunglasses
Abercrombie & Fitch Round Vintage Sunglasses

The most important feature in sunglasses is the UV protection which should be 100 percent. Here’s a very good article on protecting your eyes from ultraviolet radiation It should be noted that just because sunglasses are expensive it doesn’t necessarily mean they provide adequate protection.

Straw Scream Warm Weather

For this post I chose straw tote bags but the one bag I just had to have and I finally found it, is the bucket bag. I got a great deal on the one I bought from Neiman Marcus and unlike buckets I’ve had in the past this one is roomy and easily accessible.

Following are descriptions of 3 each – sandals, sunglasses and bags:

  • Joesy | Sole Society | Navy Vintage Whiskey (looks like navy and white to me)  strappy elastic sandals with an ultra-walkable 2 & three-quarter inch stacked faux leather heel and an open toe crisscrossing front.
  • Lucky Brand Baheeti | Sole Society | Pinenut Nigor (the colors are light and appear to be in the taupe family) – Flat striped and woven style band that covers the arch of the foot with a front toe piece.
  • Meika | Sole Society | Navy and white 3 & one-quarter inch wedge espadrille sandals with an open toe, stacked leather heel, twisted fabric straps and an easy back zipper.
  • nicole by Nicole Miller Innocent Round Sunglasses | JC Penney | I’m thinking I may have to snap up these sunnies. “It’s hard to be demure in these cheetah-print round sunglasses. ideal for oval, square and triangle face shapes”
  • ELOQUII Cat Eye Frame Sunglasses | Eloquii | “Add some flirty flair to your outfit with our black Cat Eye Frame Sunglasses. Contrast metal arms lend elegance to this sassy summer style.”
  • Abercrombie & Fitch Round Vintage Sunglasses | Abercrombie & Fitch | Vintage Round style, black frame with metal accents.
  • Straw Studios Structured Dome Straw Tote | Macy’s – This bag is sold out at Macy’s but I like the woven braided look with tan shoulder straps.
  • Mar Y Sol Juliette Circle Tote | Gilt | Aqua crocheted raffia Double wooden top handles. Okay this clutch appealed to me because it’s different. The bag’s shape is round and the wooden handles are molded to the bag. Not sure what stitch is used for the crochet but I’ve not seen one like this and would get it because it’s unique. The color is also eye-catching I thought it was a green but the site says it’s aqua
  • Banana Republic Woven Straw Tote Size One Size – Multi stripe | Banana Republic | Banana Republic Snap closure. The three (white, brown and black) bold stripes are what caught my attention to this bag the tassel was an added element I didn’t even notice until I saw the description.

That’s all for now. I’m off to get pampered! Have a wonderful weekend.

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!””  ~Robin Williams




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The Maxi

Me in a seated position posing for the camera.In the past I’ve struggled with casual looks because it was ingrained in me, from my early 20s, to dress for where I envisioned myself in the future. The picture in my head of what success looked like was a classy tailored suit.

A stickler for rules and a rigid code of ethics, looking back now I can see I took myself way too seriously. Being so goal oriented it’s unfathomable why I didn’t have a solid game plan other than getting married a couple of years after graduating high school. I was so ridiculously in love, I turned down a scholarship to Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) to further my Graphic Arts training – BIG MISTAKE!!

After my divorce I took charge of my life and couldn’t wait to get my first power suit to begin the job interviewing process. So it was back to business school for communications courses, computer training, resume writing and mock interviews. It was so gratifying when I excelled to the point of making Dean’s List.

Me looking out over the balcony

Twenty some years later I worked for two great companies, received several promotions, bought a house, couple of cars, got married, and yet felt jaded. If this was success it was disappointing and time for re-evaluation.

So here it is one year since my retirement and I’ve come to the conclusion I need to relax. I realize now my struggle with casual wear had to do more with tying my femininity to my clothing.

Standing at the balcony

The maxi dress is a favorite of mine because it is so effortless and versatile. You can get all gussied up with heels, clutch, moto jacket and jewelry for a night on the town or throw on a pair of flip-flops, straw handbag, and floppy straw hat to run errands.

Today I experimented with my camera out on the balcony and while the pictures could use some improving it’s a beginning. I’ll have to test out a number of different shooting locations in an attempt to get better lighting.

Picture of the sandlas with my blue painted toe nailsPicture of the 2 bracelets.

Picture of the ringThe black maxi in the photos I bought online from Zulily. The material is a soft rayon blend with a scooped tank top neckline. I wanted to add a pop of color with a delicate turquoise chain necklace, earrings, 2 black macramé bracelets and 1 ring. Today I wore my nude sandals to compliment the outfit.

  • Zenana Maxi Dress | Zulily
  • Two 7 Small Crystal Bead Shamballa Bracelets in silver and aqua | | Adjustable one size and the crystal beads (intertwined in black macramé) sparkle when they catch the light.
  • Ring Fantasy World Jewelry | Zulily silver ring with shimmering rhinestones.
  • Faux Turquoise Chain Necklace | | 36 inches long with a lobster clasp is lightweight silver plated featuring interspersed faux turquoise accents.
  • Tribal-Inspired Drop Earrings | | 2 inch long fishhook earrings are 1.5 inches wide with a faux turquoise stone in the center of the tribal design.
  • Kasie Sandals | | Flat, ankle strap faux leather sandals easy turn lock closure at the ankle strap.

“I am not a has-been. I am a will be.” ~Lauren Bacall