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A Lil’ Inspiration #13 Audrey

Life Is In Session

Facebook Audrey 1.17.16F.E.A.R. – Do you Face Everything And Run? Or Face Everything And Rise? Depending on your viewpoint you can give too much power to fear. Fear can motivate or repress and your response is a matter of choice.

Today’s quote by Audrey Demmitt, who has previously been featured here, is one of my faves because it reminds me that regardless of my circumstances, as long as I’m alive I can reach for, and beyond the stars.

On grappling with fear:

  • The first step to Face Everything And Rise is doing an honest self assessment. Like following a map to a specific destination, unless you know yourself; your definition of success, attitudes, beliefs, passions, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, wants and needs, you will get lost.
  • Once you’ve completed your self-assessment the next step is to set short and long-term goals. Goals should always be written, periodically reviewed, revised and once they are met, new ones should be set. It’s a good habit to revisit short-term goals once every 6 weeks, and long-term goals once each quarter.

I wish you all a rich and meaningful life…it is possible even with vision loss! Life is in-session”…live it!” ~Audrey Demmitt

  • The third and final step is to stay the course. If you become derailed, and you will, get back on track and keep pursuing your dreams. Do not let anyone, or killjoys as I like to refer them, tell you that you cannot succeed. There really is no greater satisfaction than proving the naysayers wrong.

When it gets down to it the choice is up to you. You decide your path to success.

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Month in Review: June

The Best June Ever

Lace and Black 034Ever experience situations when you feel like you’re being punked? Today, or more accurately the entire month of June was either one huge punkfest or I’m living in an alternate universe.

It seems like June just started barely a week ago and here were are headed into July. Add to it the torrential downpours and cooler temperatures I’m feeling like spring passed us by and summer has yet to make a serious appearance.

Though this June has been a soggy one there were pretty awesome highlights:

Following are summaries of some of my favorite blog posts for the month of June:

Perfect Beauty

So what are the benefits to using only 4 cosmetics? #1 it’s quick, #2 it’s easy, and #3 I don’t feel like I’m enveloped in sausage casing. Continue Reading…


In order to be vulnerable, you have to have the courage to be imperfect. And, vulnerable people have connection because they are willing to let go of who they thought they should be, in order to be their true self. In other words, vulnerable people are not afraid to be authentic. Who doesn’t gravitate towards people who are real? Continue Reading…

How Style & Vision Loss Intersect

I cannot believe it’s been 10 years since I began losing my eyesight but it occurred to me today that it all started the latter earlier part of June, 2015. July 5 12th of the same year was when I had my first vitrectomy surgery. For this surgery the doctor inserted a gas bubble into my eye… Continue Reading.

A Day At The Park

Comfort rules the day when dressing for a day at the park but this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a chic look. My 5 essential pieces for the day… Continue Reading.

Health & Fitness

Creating Your Home Fitness Area Guest Post – Getting and staying fit in your own home is easy. Home fitness is all the rage these days with hundreds of different exercise workouts for sale in athletic stores and online. Working out in your own space has many benefits and is certainly less stressful for many of us. Continue Reading…

June is Cataract Awareness Month – I have Retinitis Pigmentosa and two years ago my retinal specialist noted on a regular checkup that I had developed cataracts on both eyes. The cataracts were sitting right in the center of my only remaining window of vision. Continue Reading…

Pushing Boundaries – Even though Kangoo Jumps and similar footwear has been around for some time more research has to be done to determine the long-term health benefits of this form of exercise. However current data supports the low impact bounce is good for the joints, the heart rate increases faster leading to burning more calories quicker than standard fitness footwear. Continue Reading…

While I am sorry to see June leaving us so soon I am looking forward to a hot, sunny, fun-filled July!

Have an outstanding week!! ~Steph

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” ~Frederick Keonig

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WOTM 23 Featuring Audrey Demmitt

Endless Possibilities

Audrey & Sophie (her guide dog)
Audrey & Sophie

I find it so exhilarating talking to people who are making a difference by sharing their stories of hope and inspiration. If you’ve lived long enough you know life is not only uncertain it’s sometimes challenging to endure some of the difficulties that come our way.

So it wasn’t surprising I would be captivated by the blog-Seeing Possibilities, Navigating through life with Vision Loss. The title reminded me that in life regardless of our circumstances, there are endless possibilities at our disposal. However, we have to take the first step by making the choice to overcome.

At age 25 Audrey Demmitt, the Support Group Advisor for the American Foundation for the Blind and a Peer Advisor for, received her diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) though she lived with the disease years before the diagnosis was made. RP is a genetic condition that causes retinal degeneration and eventual vision loss.

The diagnosis of RP didn’t stop Audrey from graduating from the University of Arizona with a degree in nursing. She went on to practice as a registered nurse with a visual impairment for 29 years before retiring last year.

“Though my retirement was premature due to my vision loss, I am enjoying it!” ~Audrey

A number of years ago due to her declining vision Audrey experienced a major impact on her life when she lost her driver’s license at age 30. As she steadily continued to lose vision Audrey realized the critical need to get help. It became increasingly difficult moving about safely, reading normal print, using the computer, doing activities of daily living, and coping emotionally.

It was through vision rehabilitation that Audrey learned about assistive technologies, orientation, and mobility skills, and adapted ways to cook, clean and do other household activities. She learned how to use a white cane to enable her to safely navigate and eventually got her first guide dog, Sophie in 2011.

“My visual acuity is about 20/300 and my field of view is 6-10 degrees now. Recently, I was diagnosed with cataracts. I have been legally blind since 1994.” ~Audrey

Audrey, her husband Kevin, and two dogs Lucy (a pug) and Sophie (a golden retriever guide dog) reside south of Atlanta, Georgia. The mother and father of 3 very successful adult children, and a beautiful daughter-in-law, when speaking of her children Audrey says: “they are, by far, my greatest accomplishment in life and my pride and joy!”

Raising a family while having a successful career, leading a support group for the visually impaired in her local community, speaking to groups on vision loss, living with a disability, and using a guide dog are just a few of the things Audrey has and still is achieving. Since retiring she is exploring lots of new interests and learning to adapt them to low vision. She is enjoying getting “healthier”, exercising, learning yoga, tandem bike riding with her husband etc. and she loves the freedom to go on trips and spending time with family and friends.

I am just another gal trying to figure out this “life with low vision thing! ~Audrey

A well-rounded person, Audrey loves to read, travel, cook and try new and exotic foods. She loves words, word games, writing and has even dabbled in professional and creative writing. Recently her latest crafty passion is making rag rugs. She enjoys the great outdoors and if you check out her blog at she talks about her latest hiking adventure in Pennsylvania.

Finally, Audrey likes sharing her story in the hopes of providing encouragement and empowering others who are experiencing the loss of vision. Her goal is to educate and build awareness around the issues the visually impaired face on a daily basis.

Thank you, Audrey, for allowing me the pleasure of writing about you. You are a dynamo and seeing everything you’ve done has been encouraging to me.

“I wish you all a rich and meaningful life…it is possible even with vision loss! Life is “in-session”…live it!” ~Audrey Demmitt