March Men In Motion | Thomas Reid

MEN IN MOTION Blindness forced some real changes in my life, but it also sparked the opportunity for me to rekindle my interest in audio production. Pairing my interest in audio with advocacy eventually led me to launch my podcast, Reid My Mind Radio. ~Thomas Reid Introduction Thomas Reid, of Reid My Mind Radio, isContinue reading “March Men In Motion | Thomas Reid”

My Path From Despair To Captivating A Podcast

Beauty Buzz | My Path The naysayers said you couldn’t succeed. What they didn’t know was their definition of success was not yours. Creating your path by believing in possibilities has brought you to where you are today and will continue to guide and sustain you. From “Dear Stephanae” Have you ever felt like youContinue reading “My Path From Despair To Captivating A Podcast”

WOTM 41 Featuring Maria Johnson

WOTM 41 Featuring Maria Johnson “Truth is, I CAN still laugh, smile, listen, talk, teach, dance, hug, love, and live happily. Vision loss can hold you down, but the truth will set you free.” Maria Johnson, Girl Gone Blind I Got This! Each person’s walk through the loss of eyesight is different. Today’s Woman OnContinue reading “WOTM 41 Featuring Maria Johnson”


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