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BB Creams

To Believe or Not to Believe

A natural born skeptic, I live by the “if it sounds too good to be true…” motto. Just because everyone is raving about a revolutionary anything, this is my cue to question it first, especially if it’s ingested or is applied to the skin. So when BB Creams (beauty balm) began hitting the US market in 2011 and everyone was gaga (and I’m not talking Lady Gaga) over them I was skeptical. Even with the major selling point being that these products are advertised as all-in-one to save steps in the makeup routine I still wasn’t completely sold.

When choosing a foundation I look for three things:

  1. Does it cause a negative skin reaction? If I’m allergic to the product it’s a definite no-go. I’ve had instances where the product didn’t cause an initial reaction only to find out a day or two later that it doesn’t work for me.
  2. Is it easy to apply? I’ve had cream, liquid and pancake foundation formulas some of which were a pain to blend in evenly. On an occasion or two even after testing the foundation I would end up with a formula that I didn’t like. When you lose your vision, many things become challenging and I for one prefer my make-up to be one less challenge so it MUST be easy to apply.
  3. Does it give me a good outcome or look good on my skin? Depending on a number of factors such as the weather or the overall health of my skin if the foundation is too sheer it doesn’t give me the coverage I need. If it’s too heavy and I can feel it on my skin or if it doesn’t properly match my skin tone then I either change the formula or the brand.
Image of BB Creams
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In view of past skin problems combined with my natural “you gotta show me” attitude it comes as no surprise that I would question the validity of BB Creams. So I asked around and took to the internet to find out what all the hoopla was about concerning this supposedly innovative product.

There is some controversy on the origins of BB Creams some sources say it comes from Germany and others Korea. In spite of the controversy it is generally agreed that East and Southeast Asia has been instrumental in BB Creams popularity.

BB Creams, technically known as blemish balm or blemish base, is a multi-tasking product that has skincare and coverage properties. Many consider this all in one cream a tinted moisturizer that works as a primer, concealer and protectant. While overall the benefits of BB Creams seem to outweigh the negatives there are some tips that could ease the application process. For example at the moment the range of shades/colors are more applicable to light and olive skin however for darker skin one could add a little foundation to the cream to achieve a blended look. Additionally, since BB Creams are somewhat thicker in consistency than regular moisturizers you might want to use a moisturizer prior to applying the cream.

Just like foundations there are many formulations of BB Creams and out five different resources which contained 2 or more matching categories I selected the following 3:

  • Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream SPF 15
  • Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30
  • Dr. Brandt BB Cream with Flexitone SPF 30

Late in the 2013 I bought Missha M Perfect Cover B.B. Cream SPF 42 No. 27 and it seems okay but I’m not used to working with such a thick consistency. Since this is a new product for me I will be consulting with one of my friends in the very near future to see if I’m applying it for proper coverage. Because I’m not used to the product there will be a learning curve and I’ll have to give it some time to learn an application process that works best for me.

CC Creams otherwise referred to as color correct or color care are, according to Sephora, “generally lighter in texture than BBs and provide a more natural coverage. If CCs work like they are purported I think this could be an alternative to BBs in my case. I’ll have to circle back with you to let you know what I find out. In the interim, at the end of today’s Makeup Mondays you’ll find the 6 websites from which I selected the BBs mentioned in today.

Happy Monday make it a great day!

“Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.” ~Kate Angell

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Is It Magic? Nah, Just Color Adjusting Foundation

The “KISS” of Foundation

“KISS”, not to be confused with smooch, I always thought was short for “Keep It Puckered LipsSimple Stupid” but little did I know there are so many variations of this acronym. Since I have an aversion to the word stupid I will choose for today’s post Keep It Super Simple.

I like choices, they’re a good thing but when I’m faced with too many choices I begin to hyperventilate and almost go into a full fledge panic attack. So when faced with the prospect of searching for new makeup foundations I just cringe. Throw in the fact that I can’t see my face very well and, well, it can be an upsetting proposition.

When it came to using makeup, and more specifically foundation, after I started losing my vision it was easier for me to give up my frustration and go bare-faced. I mean, I hated having to search for the perfect shade of foundation when I could see; so now with the element of vision loss my thing was “who needs this aggravation?” This was around the time when I had many hissy fits and pity parties because I thought “woe is me I’m losing my vision how can I possibly go on? And more importantly how can I go on without makeup?” Looking back now it sounds so pathetic I mean there were bigger problems in the world and here I was worried about makeup application because I was so concerned about my appearance. As time went on I went into a zen-like state where my appearance didn’t take such a high priority and I began to focus outward. Make no mistake this was not a quick fix it took some time, however once I pulled up my ‘big girl panties,’ I once again experimented with different foundations, sometimes they worked and sometimes not but it wasn’t such a big deal.

Over the years I’ve used quite a few different foundations from liquid, cream, powder, sheer, pancake to stick formulations. Some I’ve liked more than others and my reasons for changing from time to time was due mainly to more choices becoming available. Currently I’m using a mineral powder foundation because of the ease of application and it looks good or so I’ve been told. Which brings to mind the one thing I forgot to mention; it helps to have a very good friend or relative that you can trust, to help you with choosing what works best for your skin tone/type.

cosmetic brushes and make-upWhen I was asked to do a makeup presentation to a group of women at the Pennsylvania Council of Blind’s 2012 Annual State Convention I shared with them products I found that could be easily used even with blindness/vision impairment. Earlier in this post I mentioned Keep It Super Simple and what could be simpler than color adjusting foundation? It’s been a few years but I used Almay’s Smart Shade and one of the things I like most about Almay products is that they are hypoallergenic and I had no issues with the foundation. Following are a couple of other like products including websites. When it comes to color matching I always try to do this in person to get an idea of how the product may or may not work.

Stay tuned next week when I delve into BB and now, CC creams.

Remember be true to yourself!

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” ~Audrey Hepburn

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Easy 5-Step Skincare Regimen Before Makeup

Pre-Makeup Skincare Program

Picture of Mary Kay Skincare Products referenced in Steps 1-5.Last week I talked about my preference for Mary Kay skincare products because they work for me. This week I’m sharing the steps I follow for caring for my skin’s daytime needs.

Before I dive in, you need to understand what works for me may not necessarily work for you. I urge you to experiment and find products suited to your skin’s needs.

Timewise is the product line used in each step

Step 1: 3-in-1 Cleanser. I use a quarter-size amount, wet my skin with warm water then apply the cleanser and gently work it into a lather. then rinse and pat dry.

Step 2: Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 35. I apply one squirt from the spritzer bottle in my hand. Then dot it all over my face and gently massage into my skin.

Step 3: Age-Fighting Moisturizer. I use about a half of a dime size (a little of the moisturizer goes a long way). Then, like the Day Solution, I dot it all over my face and gently massage into my skin.

Step 4: Foundation Primer. A dime size amount applied like the same way as in steps 2 and 3.

Step 5: Concealer. I squeeze a little less than a pea size amount on the tip of one finger and apply to problem areas with a finger on the opposite hand.

After the above 5 steps, I apply my Mineral Powder Foundation and complete my look with eyeliner, mascara and lip color.


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Why A Good Skincare Regimine Is Important

The Skinny On Skincare 

Trial Size TimeWise Miracle Set and a picture of me without makeup.
TimeWise Miracle Set & a picture of me pre-makeup.

A good skincare regimen is a key factor in makeup application. After all, if you don’t take care of your skin, using makeup becomes a moot point.

Many factors, like what you eat, water intake, smoking, sun exposure, weather, pollution, genetics, and topical products can impact the health of your skin. Knowing your skin type is a critical piece of a successful skin care regimen.

I learned at an early age my skin was really sensitive and would break out for no clear reason. This meant I had to be careful of soaps and other products or risk an outbreak.

In my teens and early twenties, my skin was oily and acne prone. It didn’t help matters (I really hate to admit this publicly) but I squeezed my zits even though I knew better.

So I went from oily/combination to normal/dry and these days I feel like my skin is so dry in comparison the Sahara Desert is like a rainforest. With the exception of my face, I am constantly slathering on lotion and applying lip balm to my lips.

Our skin changes over time and as it changes so should our skincare routine. For the five skin types, normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive, require product specifically designed to meet the needs of each category.

An Easy Timesaving Skincare Solution

My product line of choice for many years was Mary Kay and my daily skin care routine consisted of a cleanser, freshener, moisturizer, and foundation. I also used a facial mask twice weekly.

Since Mary Kay skincare products were so effective for me, I didn’t feel the need to look for comparable products. In recent years Mary Kay developed combination products which not only makes it easier to take care of the skin, it saves time.

I’d like to introduce one of my personal faves, the TimeWise Miracle Set consisting of 3-In-1 Cleanser (to cleanse, exfoliate and refresh skin), Age-Fighting Moisturizer, Day Solution Sunscreen and, Night Solution. In the photo is the trial size set to which I’ve added the concealer, foundation primer, and mineral powder foundation.

Applying the TimeWise Miracle Set is very easy and these products were developed to work together to aid in the anti-aging process. Even though I don’t agree with anti-aging theories I can tell you from the time I began using TimeWise there was a great improvement in the look and feel of my skin.

Be sure to join me next week when I share more skincare tips.