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Delight In Your Feminity

Description is on body of post.Pictures are great but they don’t always tell the whole story. For many of us on social media our pictures tell the story we want to convey which can be in stark contrast to our reality.

As an advocate working to change perceptions on blindness and sight loss, my pictures attempt to show confidence from a blind perspective. What they don’t show is my insecurity but that’s okay because I know who I am and I don’t want to come across as someone I am not.

I’m not perfect, far from it. I laugh at my foibles, quirks, and even the changes in my body I cannot control. I love the uplifting feeling that takes place when I throw on some hair, do nakeup, and get dressed to face the world but make no mistake I am the same person before and after. I love being feminine and encourage others who want to feel the same way to do so despite what life throws your way.

Delight in your femininity. Love you. Validate you. Trust you. As you begin each day remind yourself that you are enough. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and reject the notion that you have to fit in. Be courageous, be authentic, know your worth. ~Steph

Image: Tri collage of me posing in front of my counter wearing black leggings, three-quarter dolman sleeve top looks sort of gray, orange pointed toe slingback flats, black obi belt, black leather short necklace with a silver pendant, and silver drop earrings.

Have a great Monday!!

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Learning To Be Present Through The Loss Of Sight

“I never thought I could “go through that” until going through “that” was the best alternative.”

Being a pragmatic person who has to have loads of information, then weigh the pros and cons, when faced with a situation where the path forward appears murky I try to find another path. When my eyesight began dwindling away and pathways to vision restoration closed down I was stopped in my tracks.

Residing in a state of denial during the span of time from when I was declared legally blind up until I needed to begin using the white cane was my new reality. The fear wasn’t so much the blindness rather it was the not knowing what was ahead.

Since the decline of my eyesight was so severe it was excruciating not being able to see further than my new limitation. The white cane became not only my lifeline but the tool that would be my eyes so that I could relax and travel safely.

I feel so vulnerable when I take my dog, Mollie, outside because it’s not practical to use my white cane. Without the cane, my steps are a little unsure and I have to trust Mollie to warn me if an animal or person invades our space.

It occurred to me that it’s within this range of either Mollie or my white cane that I’m safe. No, I can’t determine what’s beyond the range but that’s okay because all I have to concern myself with is where I’m at now.

On Mother’s Day, I felt that same sense of safety as me and several family members had dinner with my mother at the nursing home. We laughed and had such a great time enjoying each other’s company I didn’t even look at my phone except to take a picture of my grandson.

I know that time is winding down not just for my mother but all of us. More and more each day I am given I enjoy my loved ones and can’t imagine what life would be like without them.

Life is way too short to waste it focusing on things we have no control over. Live life now and be in the moment.

Low Key Ensemble

What I wore: Ann Taylor black tee (old), black leggings, black crisscross heels | DSW, gray long hooded vest, and of course my white cane. I wore a long silver toned tassel necklace, cuff bracelet, and earrings.

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Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #13

2 Seasons 2 Faves

Photo of the just the vest So in the never-ending simplicity saga, fall/winter of 2016 two of my favorite pieces were my fringed cream-colored long sweater vest and black Vince Camuto leggings. Typically I don’t name drop but I made an exception in this case because these leggings are the best pair I’ve ever owned and they were one of two purchases I made in the past few months.

Back in the summer, I decided to downsize all my belongings and this included clothing. ‘Something comes in, something goes out’ has worked wonderfully well and since I’ve unsubscribed to all retail mailing lists I’m not tempted to purchase things I don’t need.

Close frontal view of me with my white cane

I got quite a bit of wear out of these two pieces by mixing them up with accent pieces, different footwear, and accessories. An example of how I wore the vest as a totally different ensemble can be found in the post Elegantly Shabby In Jeans & Pearls.

Trio photos of me in different poses with cane in hand. Outfit is described in the body of the post.

Outfit Description

  • Fringed cream-colored long sweater vest
  • Navy three-quarter sleeve tee
  • Gray leggings
  • Cream kitten heels
  • Long fringed necklace

3 Steps To Keeping Sanity In Simplicity

  1. ‘Something comes in, something goes out’
  2. Transitional pieces to dress for 2 seasons spring/summer and fall/winter
  3. Stick with a couple of major pieces and change-up the look with accent pieces

Have a Happy Hump Day Everyone!


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Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tips

Woman in Black

While I cannot promise to post everyday, I will publish as frequently as possible to present you with easy and inexpensive style tips. Since I decided to trim excess in all areas of my life I thought why not just share some pointers with you. So without further ado here’s the first looksy:

For a simple, streamlined look go with an entirely solid color and accent with a print. In the following photos I’m wearing all black leggings, cami, flyaway cardigan, wedges and the accent is a black & white scarf adorned with a sparkly brooch.

Two standing poses with my white cane.

Seated pose with an inset photo of the lovely dining room at the nursing home where my brother and I had lunch with our mom yesterday.
Inset: Lunch with mom in nursing home dining room.

Have a great day!!