Belly Laughs and Chocolate!!

Abby’s Corner | Belly Laughs I never would have made it if I could not have laughed. It lifted me momentarily out of this horrible situation, just enough to make it livable. ~Viktor Frankl (Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist, philosopher, author and Holocaust survivor) Say what Abby?!?… So, I was so wrapped up in the “weight ofContinue reading “Belly Laughs and Chocolate!!”

A Lil’ Inspiration #27

Laugh Till You… “I want a closed casket funeral. However, towards the end of the service, please have the organist play “Pop goes the weasel” over and over until everyone in attendance is staring at my coffin with silent, horrified anticipation.” Seriously, can you imagine it?🤣🤣🤣 Thanks, Diane (Ladies Who Lunch Reviews) for the laughter! LifeContinue reading “A Lil’ Inspiration #27”


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