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Waning Confidence? Rest, Rebuild, Recover

Waning Confidence Featured Image Description is in the body of the post.

Waning Confidence? Rest, Rebuild, Recover

“Like everything else in our lives, confidence ebbs and flows. Confidence requires constant maintenance. It’s also important to remember even on those days when confidence is lacking it’s not fatal. Take some time, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and when you feel the moment is right, carry on.”

Photo of me sitting on my bar stool with my white cane in hand wearing the outfit described in the post.After being sick for the past few weeks, this week is the first I’ve felt truly rejuvenated in some time. When I can’t work my to-do list my confidence slips, and I fall into the cycle of depression and anxiety.

Living in a time when social media has changed the way we interact with one another is stressful. Being away from it for a day can seem like weeks, any longer can seem like a lifetime. If you are a writer, blogger, entrepreneur or anyone who relies on the internet to connect with your audience you understand the importance of the frequency and consistency of posting content.

What to do when waning confidence gets in the way of your passion

  1. Make the most of the present when you’re feeling your best. When inspiration hits use it to create content in advance.
  2. Organize – An excel spreadsheet is a great tool for managing content data.
    • A weekly posting schedule broken out by day, time, type of content, and social media platform will allow you to see at a glance how your content schedule will flow.
    • The content schedule will contain more detailed content information for each day of the month. For example title, status, due date, publish date, time, type of content, author, distribution channels, meta tags, and notes.
  3. Schedule – Social media management tools such as HootSuite, save time since you can post to multiple platforms at the same time.
    • Using the publishing tool to schedule posts in advance allows you to set it and forget it.
  4. Let it go. The world will continue to go on even if you cannot so when you’re down, allow yourself to rest, rebuild your strength and recover, you won’t regret it.

I felt so fabulous this week I took the opportunity to show my goofy side and went for it in the photo in today’s post.

Waning Confidence? Featured Image Description:

Bathroom mirror selfie. My head is tilted to the side as I make a semi-duck lip look. I’m wearing my black faux-shearling & faux-suede knit-trim jacket or sweater. What I like most about this sweater, aside from keeping me warm, are the multi textures. It’s a heavy knit with soft fur and velvety smooth suede panels on the front. I wore a simple black tee under the jacket/sweater and paired them with blue jeans and black suede wedge mules.

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Guest Post: Angie Roberts

Girls… introducing the studded jeans!

Oh how I love, love these. Not only are they tactile with sparkly gem, diamonds, pearls, and disco balls, they’re fab fashion statements.

From small gems to huge full-on gems and studs, Christmas is around the corner so treat yourself. Check out your high street and online search for studded jeans.

Pictures show an array of studded jeans. In black, faded blue, and indigo. Some have that designer rip. Love it or hate it…it’s back and blinged up!

Some of the designs just have little discrete studs on pockets, while others are to the side or above the knee or even around the rip. Or spectacular full on bling running the full length of both legs which could be tricky to wash. I would suggest inside out in a pillowcase.

Enjoy the fun ladies get some bling in your life I got mine, cuz Diamonds 💎 R a girl’s best friend!

About The Author:

Angie Roberts is seated while holding her white cane in front of her. She is looking like a rock star in her fabulous oversized shades, a sheer black cover-up over a black flapper dress, and jewelry.

Angie, a fashionista from the UK, manages Abby’s Fashion Brigade, a gathering place for blind and visually impaired women to talk all things fashion. A young heart attack survivor, Angie says: “There is no positive in going blind, but there is positive in not giving up! Wear it the way YOU want, do it the way YOU like…never give up on your self.”

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Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #3

Transitional Pieces: The Vest/Sweater

A collage of me sitting and standing outside with my white cane at the nursing home.I find having a summer and winter wardrobe with a few transitional pieces thrown in to get me through spring and fall is easier than maintaining clothing for four seasons. This works really well since I only have two temperatures anyway—hot and cold, seldom am I just right.

A short time back a long sleeve mock neck sweater with a faux suede/shearling vest was perfect for a brisk morning and cool afternoon. On this particular day one of my sons took me to the nursing home to visit with my mom. Afterwards we took a few pictures outside with some harvest decor.

What I wore: Blue jeans, black long sleeve mock neck sweater, white faux suede/shearling vest, black suede wedges, red handbag, shades, and my ever-present white cane.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!



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Mom Approved: Elegantly Shabby In Jeans & Pearls

Trio of pictures (two of me posing standing and the middle I'm in a seated position on one of my barstools). When mom is in a foul mood I need all the courage I can muster. A killer outfit helps.

A Mom Visit Takes A Little Courage

For several straight days recently my mom was in one ornery mood. I gauge this discomfort by how much my stomach churns when I hear her name announced as my cell phone rings.

Mental note: Buy a pallet full of antacids.

Here's my "give me strength to face mom outfit" images of me sitting cross legged on a bar stool and one standing pose.

I know I’m being ridiculous because my mom’s a 78-year-old lady for crying out loud. And me, well (say this with a little attitude) I’m a grown woman! Intellectually I’m aware of these facts but emotionally when she leaves me a voicemail I cringe and cry. Then I create a flowchart to decide what would happen if I listen or don’t listen to the message.

It’s during these emotionally charged situations that I have to arm myself against the inevitable tongue lashings. So on this particular day, I armed myself in a mesh cream-colored sweater with gold metallic threads. A separate yet coordinating loop-knot vest was a fabulous match. I finished this look with black suede knee-high boots and a long strand of faux pearls.

There is some truth to the quote “Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day.” When I visit my mom I never know what to expect and can use every bit of courage I can garner from my outfit. On this day I was cool as a cucumber.