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Guest Post: Penny Parker

My Uniform

Frances is a beautiful yellow lab who guides Holly Bonner her handler
Photo courtesy of Holly Bonner handler to Frances her guide dog

I know you only see a dog when you see me in the street,
But look a little closer before we get to meet.
You’ll see I’m in my uniform, this harness that I wear,
Should tell you that I’m working, I have a human in my care.
The flash that shines upon my lead shouts out the job I do,
I’m guiding in my uniform, I’m steady and I’m true.
Now would you grab a policeman, a doctor, nurse or nun,
A fireman or a surgeon, so you could have some fun.
Would you want to hug them, distract them from their task
I’m not so very different, so THINK, is all I ask.
I’m doing such a special job, I’m being someone’s eyes
Distracting me to make a fuss, really isn’t wise.
Would you rush to hug a police dog, or a sniffer dog for drugs,
Or a guard dog barking madly, just to get some hugs?
I doubt they’d greet you kindly, their owners too may shout.
So please I ask you nicely, walk on and miss me out.
I’m working in my uniform, it’s very clear to see.
So this I ask you kindly, don’t attempt to distract me!

Copyright (c) 2017 Penny Parker

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Finding Strength In Self-Acceptance

“She’s standing on the corner, cane in hand, waiting to cross, and she looks like she knows where she’s going. She’s approachable and aware. She accepts people the way she has accepted herself, fully. There is a lightness in her footsteps because she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She sees life as an adventure and not an emergency.” ~Joy Thomas, Double Vision Blog

To learn more about Joy’s journey to self-acceptance check out her Woman on the Move article.

Image: Joy Thomas and Roja (her guide dog) are crossing a busy city street.

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The Guide Dog Memos: Rick

September is National Guide Dog Awareness Month

Photo Collage Rick GravitIn recognition of Guide Dog Awareness Month I will give it my best effort to feature one dog each week during the month of September. “National Guide Dog Month is a celebration of the work of guide dogs in the United States as a way to raise awareness, appreciation and support for guide dog schools across the United States. It was established in 2008, as a fundraising drive to benefit non-profit guide dog organizations accredited by the International Guide Dog Federation.”*

Today I want to share some words of wisdom from Rick a beautiful black lab with blond on his legs, chest, muzzle and brows.

Rick and his handler, Mike Gravitt, worked together as a phenomenal team for 10 years. While I was a little sad to hear that Rick would be officially retiring on August 20 of this year the good news is he’s in excellent health, was adopted by a friend of Mike’s who happens to be a vet technician, and will enjoy the rest of his life just being a dog.

When you are flying, you do not talk to the pilot. When you are on a bus at night in the rain, you do not talk to the bus driver. When you see me with my handler doing my job, please kindly let me do it safely. ~Rick

Image: collage of three photos featuring Rick as a puppy, at work and enjoying the sunshine after church.

Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend!! ~Steph


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The Guide Dog Memos: Megan

Megan The Stunning Black Labrador

Image description is in the body of the blog post.
Megan, black labrador Guide Dog | Guide Dogs for the Blind | Handler, Nicole Schultz-Kass

Happy Friday!

What better way to usher in a Friday than to share with you the beautifully stylish guide dog, Megan. Here she is styling her lovely pink raincoat.

Megan dahlin, you look mahvalous!

“Being a Guide Dog was both my destiny and my choice. It’s a little like coming from a family of doctors and finding that medicine is both my passion and my family’s legacy. Being a Guide Dog and working with my handler means a lifetime of adventure and love! Together, we travel the world, work hard, play harder, and we live life to the fullest with our family, friends, and community.” ~Megan, black labrador Guide Dog | Guide Dogs for the Blind | Handler, Nicole Schultz-Kass

Image Description: Text is above the 3-Panel photo collage. The middle photo is a black and white of Megan in harness with a black background–her coat is shiny so her features are very distinguished and she looks statuesque. The next two photos are Megan in harness with her pink raincoat on and my purple raincoat and black Converse shoes visible against a white background.