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Fatmatta Wurie | Blind Beauty Issue 39

Blind Beauty Issue 39 featured image description is in the body of the post.

Fatmatta Wurie | Blind Beauty Issue 39

“Seeing life through different eyes” ~Fatmatta Wurie

Image #1 description provided in body of the post.
Image #1

Working towards her Masters “was the toughest experience” of her life, yet Fatmatta did not let sight loss prevent her from reaching her goal. Diagnosed with Stargardt Disease at an age where she was about to experience young adulthood was tough.

Finding resources and connecting with others sharing her diagnosis was also challenging but she kept going. Fatmatta’s diligence paid off when she walked across the stage a few days ago to get her degree.

When I asked Fatmatta what quote she wanted to use for this post she said the tagline from her blog. “Seeing life through different eyes,” she said, speaks volumes because, despite sight loss, we start to see the world differently. We begin to appreciate what is in our sight during every present moment. Since we do not know if what we see today we will be able to see tomorrow, it puts life into perspective. Gratitude takes on a new meaning in which we immerse ourselves.

Image #2 description provided in the body of the post.
Image #2

Blind Beauty Issue 39 Featured Image Description:

Blind Beauty is a mock fashion magazine cover. Fatmatta Wurie is stunning in a sleeveless white dress and graduation cap, as she casually stands left hand on hip. Her graduation gown is flung over her right shoulder held by her crooked finger. She looks so happy with the biggest smile on her face as she poses for the camera.

Blocks of text superimposed on Fatmatta’s  photo are: “Bold | She Keeps Pressing Onward,” “Blind | She Has Deeper Insight,” “Beautiful | She Sees To The Heart Of Others.”

Additional Images:

  • Image #1 Selfie of Fatmatta with a huge smile holding a bunch of white roses, is in her cap and gown. The cap and gown are black and the gown’s collar is teal. She is wearing teal fringe drop earrings that are an exact match to her collar.
  • Image #2 In this photo Fatmatta is sitting outside with legs crossed on a cement bench posing in her stylish graduation outfit. Her outfit is an off the shoulder, bell-sleeved top with matching straight legged pants. The color is a darker teal with geometric circular designs in teal, black, and coral. She’s also sporting chunky black high heels with a thin ankle strap.

Fatmatta’s Social Media Platforms:

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WOTM 11 Featuring Fatmatta Wurie

Fatmatta Wurie of Maono Ya Chini featured image description is in the body of the post.

WOTM Featuring Fatmatta Wurie

“I want to change the face of Information Technology for the Blind and Visually Impaired community. And once I do that, it is nothing to change the views and ideas of society.” ~Fatmatta Wurie

Maono Ya Chini

Maono Ya Chini is a blog created by Fatmatta Wurie, a young woman, who was one of the first bloggers I interacted with when I began blogging. Sharing a mutual understanding of sight loss, brought Fatmatta and me together. A college student majoring in Information Technology (IT), when she received her diagnosis she was embarking on young adulthood. 

When I first saw the words Maono Ya Chini, which means low vision in Swahili, I really liked their exotic sound. At the same time, I admired Fatmatta’s personal story and her approach to handling sight loss. “Seeing life through different eyes,” the tagline of Maono Ya Chini, seems to be the path Fatmatta has chosen to pursue her dreams.

Like many others who lose sight, Fatmatta went from grief to acceptance and finally the desire to help others. Her diagnosis of hereditary macular dystrophy caused her to make significant adjustments in her life.

Diseases of the eye affecting the macula, impact central vision which interferes with a person’s ability to perform daily activities. Activities like identifying faces, grocery shopping, reading newspapers, menus, ATMs, currency, and watching TV, are just a few. Safety concerns like falling risks, disorientation, medication-related errors, crossing the street, cooking, and bathing are real issues. Issues seldom considered until one has to face the prospect of living with vision loss. Add to it coping with the emotional impact of losing sight and independence it is a truly life-altering experience.

After researching her diagnosis and following up with a retina specialist Fatmatta found that she had Stargardt disease. Imagine receiving this type of news as a 19-years-old, at the beginning of your professional career.

“Being an Information Technology student, I am immediately drawn to being innovative, inventive, imaginative and creative.” ~Fatmatta Wurie

It’s impressive that is it’s only been three years since her diagnosis and Fatmatta yet is an advocate. She’s volunteering and connected with other people experiencing vision loss to build a community of like-minded go-getters.

On her blog, Fatmatta shares lots of low vision and disability awareness resource information. She also documents personal thoughts from her journaling and re-blogs articles of interest. Due to the demanding nature of being a full-time college student and blogging she manages her time well.

Fatmatta you are an inspiration and I am hopeful that you will indeed change the world!! Your youthful zeal and enthusiasm are contagious. Keep up the good work my friend.