How Do Blind People Exercise?

How Do Blind People Exercise? How cool is it that this month’s guest post from BlindAlive allowed us to introduce you to another blogger? Since I like to keep things on the “up and up” Kirsty Major gave me permission to republish her article shared on BlindAlive. The article that follows is an edited versionContinue reading “How Do Blind People Exercise?”

Mel Scott On Eyes-Free Fitness®

How To Start Exercising With Eyes-Free Fitness® Originally published on BlindAlive by Mel Scott. Mel is a regular featured guest and Woman On The Move. Recently I attended The American Council of the Blind conference. I met so many people, and the same question came up over and over. They would ask, “I don’t exercise, butContinue reading “Mel Scott On Eyes-Free Fitness®”

Guest Post: Lisa Salinger

Work Worth Doing The following article was originally published on August 02, 2015  by  Lisa Salinger, BlindAlive Are you looking for work? Maybe you’re among the 70 percent of blind people who are unemployed. Maybe you work part-time, full-time, or you are retired, but you’d like to do something extra. Unfortunately, there is a down sideContinue reading “Guest Post: Lisa Salinger”

Guest Post: Everyday Fitness

The following article written by my guest contributor, Mel Scott of BlindAlive, was originally published on September 30, 2014. This post spoke to me on a very deep level as I’ve been recently struggling with weight gain due largely to atrocious eating habits and inactivity. Mel makes an excellent point that our health should be our #1Continue reading “Guest Post: Everyday Fitness”


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