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Style Word Association Part I

Preppy Red & White
Pinterest Preppy

Last week I did a post on Stitch Fix an online styling and shopping service for women. In explaining what the service offers I listed the 7 styles on the questionnaire that gives the consultants insight to a client’s personal style. Today I’m going to once again list the styles and one word that springs to my mind whenever I see the particular style referenced.

  1. Preppy – The Hamptons
  2. Romantic – Feminine
  3. Classic – Timeless
  4. Edgy – Risk-takers
  5. Bohemian Chic – Free Spirited
  6. Glamorous – Hollywood
  7. Casual Chic – Relaxed

Growing up I didn’t have much but was very fortunate to live an affluent area and went to school with a number of kids who were considered preppies. The Hamptons is the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the word preppy and right behind it I could envision a guy named Tad talking with an exaggerated haughty accent to his girlfriend named Muffy. By the way none of my classmates were named Muffy or Tad but they had a certain air about them, were always very well dressed and while they are stereotyped as being stuffy or snobbish the people I went to school with were not (well maybe one or two but the rest weren’t). As far as dress was concerned there were plenty of Polo & Izod shirts, argyle sweaters, boat shoes, penny loafers, plaid skirts, monograms and the like.

Romantic Pink
Pinterest Romantic

The word “preppy”, comes from preparatory better known as expensive prep schools for the upper middle to upper class children in the northeastern states. Though today preppy has evolved into somewhat of a trend it really is a genuine lifestyle that in my opinion cannot be replicated simply by dressing in a certain way. The Daily Prep by Muffy Aldridge (this is her real name) gives some interesting insight into this lifestyle.

Romantic style is the antithesis of my style. While I appreciate all styles and can come very close to drooling over some awfully pretty, soft, flowy, lacy, ruffled, dresses, tops or skirts, every time I have tried one on it looks totally and completely horrid on me.

Edgy Dress
Pinterest Edgy

When I think of romantic style I imagine candlelight, poetry, soft music, the scent of roses, all things feminine. Romantic style is the quintessence of beauty.

Black, leather, studs & spikes are common adjectives that describe edgy. I even like the word edgy because it says “Fearless.” Edgy is an attitude and unshakable confidence, that communicates “this is me, take me as I am or buzz off.”

The edgiest I’ve ever dared to go was with an asymmetrical pixie cut wig – it was so sharp. Or I’ll wear my black leather biker jacket with a rather sedate dress but that’s about the extent to which I’ll do edgy. But I love seeing edgy mixed with romantic because it’s like hard and soft coming together but done right it is sublime.

Style like art, is a form of self-expression and communication which encompasses the whole person. An extension of oneself, style begins on the inside with our personality, lifestyle, values, likes, dislikes, mannerisms and it permeates all areas of our life.

I describe my personal style as polished professional and gravitate to the classics. My favorite outfit would have to be a black pencil skirt, white blouse and black pumps. When I add a structured handbag and accessories I feel so at home like my outfit is my outer skin.

Classic Maxi
Pinterest Classic

Classics never go out of style and if you have nothing but the basics in your wardrobe you’ll do just fine. What are some of the classical basics? I already mentioned the pencil skirt, white button down and black pumps. Add a white tee, great pair of jeans, LBD (little black dress), wrap dress, cardigan, black blazer, leather jacket, and ballet flat and you’ve got a good foundation. Accessorize with a pashmina, a vegan handbag, and some jewelry and you could be ready for a night on the town.

Throughout this post are 4 examples on each of today’s styles. These looks are all summer styles that I found on Pinterest.

  1. For the preppy look we have a white tank, red shorts with a bow belt and scalloped edges on the waist and hemline, monogrammed tan clutch, cream sandals, gold watch, pearl earrings & bracelet.
  2. The romantic look is pink and white themed. White lacy top, pink cut off jean shorts, cream tote, cream sandals, post earrings, bracelets, ring & sunglasses.
  3. This edgy look is a mixes a white strapless dress with a black biker jacket, black biker boots, sunglasses and chain bracelet.
  4. Of course for the classic I chose a gray and white striped maxi skirt, white tee, tan and white handbag, tan sandal, earrings, bracelet, necklace, watch and sunglasses.

Next week I’ll talk about boho, glamorous and casual chic – so stay tuned.

“I am woman!  I am invincible!  I am pooped!”  ~Author Unknown