Stuck Between Floors A Blind Introvert’s Pandemic Pickle

HEALTH & WELLNESS “We are not all going through this together but we can be there for each other.” ~Kimberley (Kym) Dekeyrel A Real-Life Claustro-germophobic Nightmare As a highly sensitive introvert, one would think ‘physical distancing’ would be heaven right about now, right? Wrong! Allow me to elaborate. For those who don’t know me veryContinue reading “Stuck Between Floors A Blind Introvert’s Pandemic Pickle”

Living Life Boldly & Transforming Perceptions

BEAUTY BUZZ & BLOG BIZ | ADVOCACY Editor’s Note Last year was tough. My best friend was diagnosed with cancer, another very good friend died unexpectedly, and I had to deal with some significantly unresolved fears. Yet among these struggles, there were always glimmers of light; standing up for my friend, continuing the work myContinue reading “Living Life Boldly & Transforming Perceptions”

Carla The Exuberant Chief Communications Officer

Carla The Exuberant Chief Communications Officer Hello, I’m Carla Ernst’s publisher and I’m contacting you because I know she was involved with Bold Blind Beauty. I’m very sorry to tell you that she passed away a couple of days ago. I’d just come home from visiting my friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. The stress isContinue reading “Carla The Exuberant Chief Communications Officer”

Plane Pulling For Sight

Plane Pulling For Sight Partially Sighted Grandmother To Single-Handedly Pull 60 Ton Cargo Plane for Sight Wouldn’t this make an amazing headline? It’s true, my friend Libby Thaw founder of the Checkered Eye Project will attempt to pull a 60-ton cargo jet to support the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital. I knew on Sunday that LibbyContinue reading “Plane Pulling For Sight”

Managing Social Anxiety & Sight Loss

Managing Social Anxiety & Sight Loss While appearing confident is important it’s more important to articulate what our needs are. Because I appear as if I’m in control people forget I can’t see and sometimes this hurts more than helps. I think part of my struggle here is the delicate balancing act of being confidentContinue reading “Managing Social Anxiety & Sight Loss”

#BlindMKLady Hashtag Evolution

#BlindMKLady Hashtag Evolution “‘You are not less of a person for using a white cane.’ This takeaway was life-changing for me; the cane doesn’t define you, it’s just a tool. After hearing this I became a different person and people noticed.” ~Amy Wilson Hello Bold Blind Beauty Readers,  Some of you may know me and someContinue reading “#BlindMKLady Hashtag Evolution”


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