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Abigale (Abby)

I am probably in the midst of a meltdown but I want to assure you it’s a good thing! If you recall I mentioned a while back that Bold Blind Beauty would be undergoing some changes and as I write this I’m knee-deep techy heaven.

I’m not going to bore you will all the details but today I was able to integrate an e-commerce component into Bold Blind Beauty (it’s not up and running yet) so I’ll be tinkering around for an indeterminate amount of time testing and tweaking. In the interim, I wanted to share sample merchandise which eventually will be carried in the store. Please keep in mind I am not a photographer and not seeing very well can produce some weird outcomes that look semi alright to me but perhaps not as well to the public.

Description is in the body of the post.One of the things that keep me up at night is how to make life a little more accessible for my blind and visually impaired friends. Depending on our level of sight loss, many of us rely on our other senses to consume information which in turn enables us to view the world a little differently from those who can see.

Providing tactile products is high on my list of priorities and one of many ways to do this is with embroidery, embossing, beading, and other methods. I’m so excited at the prospect of what can be achieved even when I’m sleeping I’m constantly envisioning greater possibilities.

I’m saying all of this to say, if you notice some strange goings-on not too worry, I’ve got it under control.

Image Descriptions:

  1. Abby is wearing a stylish hat, black cold shoulder dress & heels with ankle straps. She is holding a cute teal dress on a hanger in her right hand while her white cane is in her left hand.
  2. White baseball cap and white Polo shirt with Bold Blind Beauty embroidered logo featuring Abby.Who is Abby? Abby is a fashionista who radiates an attitude of hip, laid-back sophistication with a pinch of bravura. Forever on the move, Abby walks boldly in confidence – and of course always with her white cane – providing tips and techniques about the latest styles and fashions exclusively for Bold Blind Beauty.


Abby Has Swagger

Classy, Chic & Confident

Abby the Icon holding the teal dress in her right hand and white cane in her left hand. Additional description is provided in the body of the post.
Abby | Abigale Style

So excited to unveil a chic update to Bold Blind Beauty’s online boutique, Abigale Style.

The header below was created specifically for the online boutique, is a simple frame surrounding teal colored text “Abigale Style.” Abby is to the right of the text wearing a stylish hat, black dress & heels with ankle straps. She is holding a cute teal dress on a hanger in her right hand while her white cane is in her left hand.

In the coming weeks, there will be a minor domain change, additional swag, and other tweaks. Stay tuned!

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Disclaimer: The white cane icon “Abigale B. (Abby)” is copyrighted and was specifically created for, and is the property of, Bold Blind Beauty and Abigale Style, LLC and is not a replacement for the nationally recognized white cane icon.

Abigale (Abby) and her back story are a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Abby’s Summer Makeup Regime For Blind & Visually Impaired Women

6 Simple Steps For A Summer Ready Look


How’s your summer coming along? I don’t know about you but with the heat and humidity, my air conditioner has been running practically nonstop.

Even though it’s hot outside who says we can’t look our absolute fabulous best? So what if we can’t see? Lack of eyesight doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the world of makeup and revel in how good it makes us feel. Today’s post is not so much a makeup tutorial rather it’s a high-level view of what I use for my summertime look.

One important note to make before applying your makeup is to always protect your skin from sun damage by using either a moisturizer or foundation containing SPF. After cleansing and moisturizing (unless you’re using a tinted moisturizer) here are six steps to a summer ready look.

  1. Concealer (optional) – If you don’t need it, don’t use it. Concealer helps to minimize the appearance of dark under eye circles and blemishes. Apply concealer only to those areas where it’s needed. Use care in the under the eye area by gently patting concealer with your fingertips until it is evenly blended.
  2. Foundation (optional) – Use a sheer liquid foundation, mineral foundation or tinted moisturizer. Whichever one you choose blending is key to prevent streaking and an uneven appearance. Liquids are nice because blending by touch is a little easier when using your fingertips or makeup sponge, however, minerals are light and require a minimal amount of product for adequate coverage with a makeup brush.
  3. Eyebrows – An eyebrow pencil to fill in and shape brows followed by grooming them with a brow brush helps to soften your look. Eyebrow stencils can be a little tricky if they aren’t lined up properly but if you have some eyesight they can make it a little easier to define your eyebrows.
  4. Eyeliner – Outline the eyes along the lash line on upper and lower lids. I find thin liner crayon pencils are easier to manage versus liquid but it’s a matter of personal preference. Whichever one you use, eyeliner will open up your eyes.
  5. Mascara (optional) – I only apply mascara to my upper lashes because try as I might I cannot do my lower lashes without an end result like that of a raccoon.
  6. Lip Color – The final step is applying lip color or tinted lip balm. In the summer I tend towards lighter shades of nude, corals and pinks.

Less really is more and in the summer the idea is to feel fresh. So keep it simple, don’t forget to carry purse-size blotting papers for those spur of the moment selfies. Also, in addition to SPF for your skin, it’s important to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun with sunglasses and/or a hat.

If you have any special summertime makeup tips we’d love to hear them!

Image Description: The Abby’s Corner illustration was created by Jessica Marano. I’m in my jammies and slippers, sitting cross-legged on the floor with my laptop (complete with my Abby logo on the cover) and my signature hairstyle floating about my head. My white cane is propped up next to me. I am wearing my headset and microphone to allow me to use my accessibility features on my laptop. 

Au revoir! ~Abby

Abby’s Top 10 Tips On Nail Care For Blind & VI Women

Nail Polish Tips For Blind/VI Women

Six generic bottles of nail color in a range of colors from light to dark pink, red, white and yellow.Bonjour!

I hope this week has been a pleasant one and you’re thoroughly ready to enjoy the weekend before us. Earlier in the week, I asked how a totally blind or partially sighted person could be taught to do their own nails. So I put together a list of helpful tips, some of which could be beneficial to anyone:

  1. Patience – and a steady hand is my number one tip for anyone wanting to learn how to polish their own nails. Practice and preparation with helpful tools make the process a little easier.
  2. Tools – tray, task lamp, polish remover, cotton swabs, petroleum jelly, nail polish. Using a tray to contain spills as well a surface for painting nails keeps workspace tidy. Keep polish remover on hand for accidents.
  3. Petroleum jelly – applied with cotton swabs on the outer edges and base of nails. This prevents polish from adhering to skin, once it’s dry simply wipe off.
  4. Nail protectors – stencils that protect the skin from polish. I found these on Amazon: DancingNail
  5. Elmer’s glue – use Elmer’s around the nail bed. Let it dry for a few minutes. Polish nails, let dry and then peel off the Elmer’s.
  6. White vinegar – wiping nails with white vinegar before painting provides a smooth application and longevity of polish.
  7. Refrigerate polish 15 minutes prior to use. Helps the polish to go on smoother and you’ll feel it if any gets on your skin.
  8. Toe separators or cotton balls – Can be used to keep fingers separated.
  9. Application – paint nails in three even brush strokes beginning in the center of the nail then the two sides.
  10. Nail wraps – Jamberry

Keeping in mind the nail salon may not be an option for many reasons, with lots of practice and the desire to learn, you too can become adept at painting your nails. Do you have any tips to share? We’d love to hear them.

Au revoir! ~Abby