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Holiday Fashion Engages Senses From Head To Toe #2

Abby is sitting cross legged in her PJs (gray bottoms & white top with a gray collar) with a teal Abby logo laptop on her lap. Sporting her signature explosive hairstyle, she is wearing a headset with microphone and her white cane is propped up next to her.

Houndstooth, Fur & A Little Sparkle

While you may not be able to see the forest for the trees, you can be a vision in an ensemble with multiple textures. In my second installment on engaging the senses through holiday fashion I’ve taken three knit separates added faux fur, velvet, reptile texture, and gemstones to create an overall glamorous vibe.

When we view the world through the narrow lens of the majority we can miss out on brilliant nuances. The beauty in being able to see can hinder our ability to fully engage with our environment.

Being born without or losing a sense like sight exposes us to a whole new world of sensory experience. The environment which the majority of us can see with our eyes is viewed very differently from a person who is blind or visually impaired.

Take today’s outfit for example, looking at it with physical sight we can take in the bold black and white houndstooth pattern. The sparkle of the gemstones would catch our eye but how about the shape, cut, edges, and smooth facets on the crystals?

From the perspective of blindness or visual impairment imagine how delightful the feeling is of running the fingertips through the fur on the vest or how this texture differs in comparison with the knit top. Taking in the smooth, bumpy surface on the handbag provides us with an added sensory experience by hearing the jingle of the adjustable shoulder chain or the magnetic closure.

Then we have the soft, luxurious feeling of velvet ankle boots against the warm and cozy opaque tights. Yes, there is no denying that seeing with our physical eyes is awesome but even when we cannot see we can still, and in some cases even more so appreciate the beauty surrounding us. The difference is in our perception.

Description (clockwise from the top left):

  1. Black rib knit sweater with gem embellished neck – funnel neck and long sleeves.
  2. Black and white houndstooth skirt – wrap-effect front, patch pockets, black trims.
  3. Shaggy vest in jet-black crimped faux fur – three-quarter length.
  4. Black opaque tights.
  5. Black velvet heeled booties – chunky heels.
  6. Silver-colored shoulder bag – silver chain strap.

Here’s a little something to think about: Many people view blindness as a loss but there is another perspective seldom considered, the minority’s view.

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Makeup Ambush In The Parking Lot

Yoo Hoo!!! Did you ladies get your makeup bags?

If ever there was a time I was in doubt about how some of us ladies are wired, last night was the perfect example. We should have been startled as we heard the voices call out to us and under normal circumstances, we would have jumped in the car and urged our friend to step on the gas. The only thing preventing such a rapid departure? “Makeup bags!”

My besties and I were finishing up our fun outing by browsing around in a craft store. Purchases made, as we left the store and headed to the car these two young women call out to us from across the parking lot. Judging by the excitement of my friends I knew something big was about to happen.

Description in body of post
#1 Book Of Color II & Makeup Remover Cloths

When the women got closer to us I could see the gift bags and could barely contain my excitement as they handed us our swag. Too good to be true? You betcha, but they already had us hook, line, and sinker.

Description in body of post
#2 3D Mascara, Eye Shadow & Blush/Bronzer Palettes

I place the blame solely on the endorphins induced by the presence of what looked like presents. So after a quick spiel on the merits of the cosmetic line, I was sold, actually, truth be told we all were sold.

Description in body of post
#3 Makeup Kit, Lip, Eye & Blush Brushes, and Lip Color

The main product, 3D Mascara, was really all I wanted so the makeup remover cloths, makeup kit, and makeup tips booklet were bonuses as far as I was concerned. But I had to go all girly, girl by gushing “oh how cute is this?” In response to the items in the bag.

Before I go any further, I am not being compensated for writing this post and the goal here is simply to share my excitement with you by describing the contents of the bag.

  • #1 Book Of Color II box & Makeup Remover Cloths | Image of the Book of Color II makeup kit (described below) and a package of makeup remover cloths.
  • #2 3D Mascara, Eye Shadow & Blush/Bronzer Palettes | White end of mascara duo is the lash gel which is applied after using regular mascara, the black end is the fibers applied after the gel, then seal the fibers with another coat of gel.  The eyeshadow palette has 8 colors, blush/bronzer palette has two blushes a bronzer and highlighter.
  • #3 Makeup Kit, Brushes, and Lip Color | The Book of Color II is a makeup kit that comes in a cushioned black zippered pouch. The kit has 1 pink lip gloss, 2 applicators, and the eyeshadow, blush/bronzer described in #2.

Next week I will share my review on the 3D mascara and if you are in need of a makeup kit be sure to check out Bold Blind Beauty’s Facebook Page as I’ll be holding a giveaway for it over the weekend.

Have a great weekend! ~Abby



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The Art Of Respectful Online Relationships

Hello Friends, Happy Friday!

Blogging, social media platforms, dating sites, and apps have drastically changed the way we interact with one another. When I was going through my Facebook feed the other day, I saw a post by a young woman who was upset over a conversation she had with a man she recently connected with and I wanted to talk about it here.

While I believe the majority of people out here have good intentions, there are some who hide behind a cloak of perceived anonymity. These people believe they can say or do as they please and they don’t care who they hurt.

Here’s the thing, you are in control of your account. You get to choose who you want to engage with, so here are a few tips to help prevent nasty encounters:

  • With so many FB accounts being cloned, it’s a good practice to search the name of a new friend request to decide if there are multiple accounts.
  • Be wary of mutual friend requests and don’t automatically assume they are legitimate.
  • Prior to accepting new friend requests, check out the person’s timeline for clues to help you decide whether to accept the request. If there is little information about the person, few if any friends or posts, but a ton of pictures of themselves it’s probably a fake account.
  • When a messaging conversations begin to go sideways go with your gut and block the person if necessary. You don’t have to put up with behavior that feels off.
  • If after accepting a friend request conversations and/or messages posted aren’t agreeable to you, delete the posts and block the person.

Safety and respect should be at the top of the list when meeting anyone online or offline and if your internal gauges are off the charts it’s better to be safe than sorry. Ultimately, if we respect ourselves we will refuse to allow others to disrespect us.

What crazy experiences have you encountered online? Please do tell. ~Abby

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How To Remain Fashionable After Total Sight Loss

Blind And Wanting Fashion On My Terms

Question: I am a vision rehab therapist working with an individual who has recently lost all of her sight…

…She has always been very clothes and style conscious and would like to be able to stay that way. She is not a computer user and does not plan to become one, but does have an iPhone. Do you have suggestions for how someone who is blind can stay current on fashions – especially those new fashions seen in New York City, but not necessarily in the “boonies” where we live? ~Eileen B.

Thank you for your question, on behalf of your client Eileen. There’s no doubt there are some unique challenges faced by people who are, or become blind or visually impaired in just about every area of life. When it comes to how we present ourselves to the world it can be especially daunting in how information is or isn’t presented.

Based on what I can glean from your comment, it sounds like your client is new to sight loss and in the short-term wants solutions other than technology to stay in the know. Following are a few things she might consider:

  1. Shopping with close friends or relatives who are familiar with her style
  2. Consultants will develop an in-depth personal profile to suit the individual needs of their  client
    • Personal Shopper/Styling Service
    • Beauty Consultant
    • Image Consultant
  3. Shop or sales assistants can help her choose outfits based on her input. It might be a good idea to call ahead first to make sure the store will have staff on duty to help.
  4. QVC does a remarkable job in describing the products they sell. Following is a small sampling of their fashion segments
    • Morning Q Live – Style Edition
    • Amy’s Closet (Amy Stran)
    • Denim & Co.
    • Inspired Style® – Late Night Edition (Courtney Cason)

Hopefully, with time your client will reconsider using technology as an option to keep up with the world of fashion as this will enable her to become more independent. There are so many resources online from blogs, YouTube videos, tutorials, and subscription services, to social media groups who are leveraging these platforms to get their message out to many diverse groups of people. Technology opens up an entire world of opportunities previously unavailable to those who are blind or visually impaired.

I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have more questions.

Have a great weekend!