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Sustainable Pandemic Style

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A Pandemic Silver Lining

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#2 Skirt & Mask

So admittedly the last few months are unlike anything most of us have seen in our lifetime. As a survivor of H1N1, back in 2009, my heart goes out to everyone affected by COVID-19. Remembering how sick I was with Swine Flu I can’t even fathom how it feels to acquire COVID-19. It’s because of this, I’d do anything to protect others and prevent myself from getting the illness. So yes, I’m proudly in the mask-wearing camp.

While wearing face masks may not be the most fashionable accessory, I appreciate the safety factor and another silver lining. What kind of silver lining can there possibly be in wearing a face mask? The answer: time and money.

When our state-mandated everyone to wear face masks I immediately realized how much time I’d save putting on my face. Time wasn’t the only factor because with a little ingenuity I could save money by using less makeup. Then my timesaving idea stretched to another level with styling an entire outfit bwahaha!

5 Minutes Is All It Took, How’d I Do It?

In recent years, I’ve gradually used fewer makeup products and found to my delight that with the mask I can go totally without. Oh sure, I could go without makeup anytime and most days this is how I roll. But, when going out in public, I typically like to wear a minimum of eyeliner and eyebrows. The face mask changed all this because with oversized sunglasses, mask, and if I want to be really fancy, my wig. Throwing on some cute earrings and outfit and I’m good to go.

The Outfit

It only took me 5 minutes to create a chic look and all of it without a scrap of makeup! Let’s be honest when it’s hot as Hades who wants to wear makeup anyway? Here are all the pieces:

  • Black tee shirt
  • Previously loved denim midi skirt
  • Gold/white striped slides
  • Bronze leather leaf earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Gold ‘white’ cane
  • Sunglasses
  • Face mask
  • Hair/wig

Sustainability & Minimalism

As a minimalist, I’m always looking for ways to eliminate waste/excess, and this year my focus has been on fast fashion or rather abstaining from it. Knowing I can always do better with sustainability in mind motivates me to continually downsize and opt for previously loved clothing.

For ages, I’ve been wanting a long denim skirt or dress and haven’t had success finding what appealed to me. Since I already went through my wardrobe looking to give a new home for some of my previously ‘loved’ items, it made sense to look at ThredUp for a denim skirt.

Before I send anything to ThredUp or any other resaler I take photos for my records until my stuff is sold or given away. By the way, ThredUp Clean Out Kits are free, all you have to do is request a shipping bag/box or print a label with your own packaging. Please note that due to the high volume and reduced staff, the processing time is considerably longer.

For anyone interested in creating a more sustainable wardrobe lifestyle I highly recommend the book “The Conscious Closet” by Elizabeth Cline. The book is available on BARD and Audible and the author offers excellent tips as well as interesting statistics for the fashion conscious.

Additional Resources:

If you are on Instagram here are a few other resources on sustainability.

What are your thoughts about sustainable fashion?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  • #2 Skirt & Mask – Photo of Steph standing outside in her ThredUp midi denim skirt, black tee, gold/white striped slides, gold “white” cane, and facemask sans makeup.
  • #3 Photo Gallery – Midi skirt 3-panel collage 1) Rear shot of Steph standing 2) Steph sitting on a picnic bench under a tree 3) Steph standing in the sunlight holding her face mask.

10 thoughts on “Sustainable Pandemic Style”

  1. Oh that sounds like a pain. Makes me wonder if I’d have the same issue with my tablet. I had exchanged my older version for a new one a few months back but I really prefer working on my laptop with the huge monitor. You be well too Khaya!🤗😘

  2. Hahaha I hear you Empish. I think this virus has taught us all an important lesson on needs vs. wants and what’s truly necessary. I scaled back my use of makeup years ago and the pandemic has made it an extremely rare occasion when I put it on (really just for the occasional zoom meeting). Even with these virtual meetings most of the time I will attend or if I can host without video so there’s that as a plus too.

  3. Hey Khaya, it’s always good to hear from you. Sorry you’ve had issues commenting on the site, I don’t know what that’s all about but will keep an eye on it–thanks. I began learning more about sustainability and zero waste last year and was so fascinated by it I wanted to do all I could to embrace the lifestyle. I hope you’re well. 🤗

  4. I agree with you Robyn. They aren’t the easiest things to deal with especially in the scorching summer heat but really there aren’t all whole lot of places I’d want to go anyway. So for the short amount time that I’m away from home wearing a mask is one of the easiest things to do.

  5. Steph, I had stopped wearing makeup before the virus; just wearing lipstick. Now, of course that is no more! HaHa! So I just go bare and that is okay. I don’t even do earrings because they get tangled up in the rubber band of my facemaske. And I don’t always do my hair for the same reason; just in a bun. I have really scaled down with this darn virus! Becoming a plain Jane!

  6. Steph, I love your positive outlook. And yeah, I’m starting to see the benefits of wearing a face mask too; the time-saving element was unexpected. My hubby is very happy with how fast I get ready to go out, nowadays. 😀

    Oh, sustainability and circular economy are subjects I’m studying in great detail. So, I’m always happy to hear how other are embracing the less/zero waste lifestyle. Kudos to you! And as usual you look stunning. Be safe!

    p.s. I’ve been having some trouble posting a comment on your post. Kept coming with an error, something about “add name and email” anyway, I hope I succeed this time.

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