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Stepping Into Stories

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Have you ever met someone who you immediately connected with? My friend Nicole Schultz-Kass is one of those people. Aside from being an amazing wife and mom, she’s an excellent writer, crafter, YouTuber, and friend. It’s an honor to share “Stepping Into Stories” with you. Be sure to check out her Holman Prize video submission.

Stepping Into Stories | By Nicole Schultz-Kass | Crafty Blind Chick

This is my application video for the Holman Prize 2018! The video is 90 seconds, and shows in 90 seconds, the project I would take on if awarded the Holman Prize. Please view the video, and if you are able, click “like” (“thumb’s up” icon), on the video.

The video with the top number of “likes” is guaranteed a spot as a finalist in this contest.

Also, feel free to share this post or my video. If you share it, it would be great if you could explain the highest number of likes guaranteeing a spot as a finalist in the contest so that your friends know they can show support by clicking the thumbs-up button!

I would REALLY appreciate your support! Additionally, you can check out ALL of the Holman Prize applicant videos on the Holman Prize webpage through the San Fransisco Lighthouse for the Blind. You will see INCREDIBLE ambition, energy, creativity, and adventure through the stories of these blind individuals and their applications!

Stepping Into Stories Image Description:

A black background with words in print and print-Braille, in varying fonts and colors, with professions, passions, and hobbies such as “equestrian”, “engineer”, “counselor”, “author”, “teacher”, “mother”, “father”, “bookworm”, and so on. in the middle of the word cloud in large, uppercase letters is the phrase, “I AM BLIND”. #blind #blindness #ambition #daringgreatly #brave #experience #adventure #storytelling #stories #holmanprize #holman #video

Oval shaped Abigale cookies. Some are teal with a white Abigale and others are white with a teal Abigale.This Instagram post was originally published on February 26, 2018, on Crafty Blind ChickNicole Schultz-Kass, Blind Mama, speaker, YouTuber, Lover of Crafts & Organization is the creator of Crafty Blind Chick. Nicole, the creator of my awesome Abby cookies, is also a Woman On The Move. Is this woman talented or what? I cannot say enough good things about Nicole because she seriously is one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met. 

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