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Stars Are Always Present

"Baily's Beads, On the right side of the moon, orbs of glowing sunlight shimmer off the edge of the moon's black disk. Called Baily's Beads, these final areas of the sun's light appear as glimmering pearls on a wire, made intensely bright by the absence of light surrounding them." ~Eclipse SoundscapesYesterday, for the first time in almost 40 years parts of the US experienced a total solar eclipse. So as millions of excited people gathered within the path of totality it made me think about perceptions; from the way, we perceive ourselves to how we are perceived by others.

Just as the moon eclipses the light of the sun casting shadows and even total darkness on certain parts of the earth, eyesight or lack of eyesight can eclipse the wholeness of an individual depending on our perspective.

Collage of icons representing a range of disabilities, pregnancy, mother & child, arm in cast. Often blind people have insight and clarity enabling us to see to the heart, mind, and soul of a person because we aren’t distracted by light-given sight. On the other hand, when we see a person use a white cane, guide dog, or other mobility devices, this can sometimes color our viewpoint which in turn can block us from truly seeing the whole person versus their disability.

Even during the day stars are always present, we just can’t see them because of the sun’s glare. People are sort of like this in that while we may use different tools to survive or just to live our lives, with or without our tools we are always here, we are whole.

What was your perception of the eclipse?

31 thoughts on “Stars Are Always Present”

  1. I was so bummed that there wasn’t any noticeable difference here but I’m glad I downloaded the soundscapes eclipse app that allowed me to listen to the description.

  2. We were at 98% coverage here. It did get perceptively darker and cooler, but not as dark as I had hoped. It was amazing to me how bright just 2% of the sun can be. You had great insights about the eclipse. I just watched and didn’t think. LOL

  3. I really thought it would get darker here but I didn’t notice a change. I’m so glad I downloaded an app to describe what was happening because I got more out of it than an unnoticeable change.

  4. Kerry that sounds like a lot of fun being around others to watch the eclipse even while sharing one pair of glasses. Even watching how excited people were in the path of totality on TV was exciting. Unfortunately, since we only had 80% I really didn’t notice much of a change. Although a downloaded app for blind/visually impaired people gave me up to the minute verbal cues to let me know what was happening and when.

  5. I recall that exact same thing, quite vividly in fact. I have heard it many times and have also heard people say they need to put on their glasses to hear.
    What comes to mind quickly is that in sharpening the “dominant” sense, vision, we might increase our attention to others, though I understand this isn’t usually a lasting thing and we revert to paying attention to vision.
    I’ve read that the sense most likely to job distant memory is smell. Wet leaves in fall, for example. Thoughts, anyone?

  6. You know, when I received my first pair of eyeglasses I felt like all of my senses were sharpened. What was really weird though was whenever I didn’t have them on I couldn’t hear as well or at least it felt like I couldn’t. I also wonder how sight and memory are intertwined.

  7. Great comment. Sight overwhelms other senses and like you pointed out, most struggle with spiritual perception because we are waiting to see it first before we believe or tune into our inner senses.

  8. I’ve probably said this before, but 96% of the input the brain actually uses is from sight. There are 4 other senses, but sight often overwhelms them. This is why sighted people close their eyes for the most important things, as in prayer. There is so much there if we will only go beyond the superficial.

  9. I’ve copied this last sentence for rereading and remembering: ” . . . while we may use different tools to survive or just to live our lives, with or without our tools we are always here, we are whole.” This gives me a better sense of who I am and how to be with others.

    I think it may apply in religious discussions too. I need to remember that, in my church anyway, “broken” does not cancel or contradict “whole.”

    Thank you for the timely reflection!

  10. I had been chatting to a friend about the eclipse yesterday. My husband was in Idaho watching the totality and although we didn’t have a full eclipse in Houston, I suddenly wanted to be with other people during this phenomenon. I went to the local coffee shop were about 20 people from local businesses shared one pair of glasses. There were children and older people (me). Viewing the eclipse through the glasses with a group of excited humans made me feel connected. I was alone but not lonely. My friend noticed nothing…

  11. We only had about 80 percent which equated to virtually nothing. So if I were in the path of totality and it didn’t get dark I’d be pretty upset as well. Now it’s onward to 2024.

  12. I was in the path of totality and made my box for safe viewing. Ten minutes before it was supposed to happen, huge clouds drifted in. I was so mad! It got no darker than it would had the sun been behind a cloud. Much ado about nothing. Drat!!!

  13. I’m so glad to hear that you are recovering. You had us worried and I know many of us kept you on constantly on our hearts and minds. I can’t tell you how good it is to hear from you.💖

    I’m doing well if not a little overwhelmed but it’s a good thing and I’m happy with the things I’m accomplishing.

  14. Thank you Steph. I’m recovering, even if I could wish it faster, than it is possible for now. I still need help for fx. cleaning in my house, so I hired a young woman to come here twice a week and she does a fine job. How are you?

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